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Thrill Cushion Chair | Godrej Interio

Updated: Apr 3

Godrej Interio is proud to announce the launch of Godrej Thrill chair which is designed for the dynamic nature of current workplace where versatility and comfort are in focus. The Thrill chair family provides companies and users with countless customization options to create their personalized ergonomic task chair. A chair for everyone: whether it is staff workstation, or executive workstation, or a home office. the versatile design of Thrill chair fits into any work environment.

Introducing Thrill work chair intended for the dynamic nature of today's office, where mobility and comfort are prioritised. This chair has a cushion back with a tapering edge that provides maximum comfort. The Thrill Chair promises accessible luxury. Thrill Cushion comes in different versions:

Thrill Executive is exclusively available in leatherette, whereas Thrill is available in leatherette and knitted seat fabric.

Product Differentiators:

Backrest: Thrill cushion chair comes with a tapering back which enables the user to have ample amount of clearance for hand movements and make the chair look dynamics and contemporary in styling. The backrest has a broader lower back with a gentle curve and gives an engulfing feeling when the user sits on it


• Thrill: 1D armrest that is broad to give full support your arms

• Thrill executive: 3D dicast armrest with swivel and depth adjustment as an additional Option over the standard version.


Thrill: The Thrill chair comes with centre tilt synchro mechanism with single position locking to be comfortable even while reclining.

Thrill Executive: The thrill executive comes with a centre tilt synchro with multi position locking

The Thrill cushion chair is customizable according to the client’s needs because of the options available in terms of upholstery, armrests, as well backrest heights.

Thrill comes in 2 variants that can be used to cater to different hierarchical needs in a company while keeping the same theme across the spectrum providing a holistic solution for all the requirements.


Thrill Executive is designed for the leaders and achievers in your workspaces. With its stylish attitude, high performance features, and design comfort, it is just what your team needs to deliver their best results! Rules the office floor with elegant looks, flexibility, high comfort quotient. Available in high back and mid-back variants.


This chair provides comfort and convenience during long hours of work. Thrill with its tapering back is ideal for the busy executive. It supports and facilitates multiple seamless movements throughout the day; while keeping the body supported and stress-free at all times.


Some chairs are designed for work, some are designed for style. And yet others intended for luxury and comfort. Thrill is designed to please! Thrill Executive and Thrill are available in two variants each: high back & full back. Designed to Thrill the eye, the cushioned seat and back bring in a sense of luxury, comfort, and aesthetics to the workday experience.


This multi-position mechanism makes it easy to lock the backrest in a comfortable recline angle. For comfort the back moves by 10 degrees; and for safety, the seat moves only by 5 degrees. Perfectly designed to keep you relaxed and safe.


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