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Godrej Hand Held Metal Detector - GScan HZ 10 HHMD

Model : Godrej Security Solutions GScan HZ 10 HHMD Hand Held Metal Detector

Today, managing security is one of the primary challenges for large spaces like institutions, organisations and recreational complexes. Considering the influx of people at these places, foolproof security is difficult to attain. Hence, such crowded spaces need a security tool that can efficiently lead the security bandwagon.

To address this concern eficiently, Godrej Security Solutions brings you the GscanHZ 10 – a new age hand held metal detector which can detect even the smallest metal element in seconds.


Features : 

• Low Field Strength

• No False Alarms

• Three State Blue LED Alarm & Status Indicator

• Elegant ABS Housing

• Fast Weapon Screening & Theft Prevention

• Instant Response

• Detects all Metals & Alloys

• Non-Intrusive Body Searching

• Fast Scan Rate

• Electronic Switching with Tactical Feedback



Medium Pistol at 10" (250 mm), Pistol, 25 cal. At 8" (200 mm), Mini Revolver, 22 cal. At 6" (150 mm), Cartridge, .357 at 4" (100 mm), Razor Blade at 2" (50 mm), Hat Pin at 1" (25 mm)

Scan Rate

3" to 24" (75-600 mm) per second


The highly reliable, advanced detection circuitry is housed in a rugged high impact ABS plastic case and detects all metals and alloys

Alarm Indicators
High efficiency piezo electric beeper and multi-function BLUE LED indicator. The BLUE LED indicates the following three functions:
• Normal Light when metal object is switched ON
• Brighter Light when metal object is detected
• Flashing Light when battery is low

Power Requirement

Gscan Hz - 10 works on rechargeable batteries


The walk through metal detector utilizes an embedded microprocessor that analyzes data generated by detection sensors. Whenever adjustments are made to any operating parameter they are automatically retained in memory. When detector is powered down the previously entered operating parameters are retained in memory.

Low Battery

Low Battery is indicated when the LED starts flashing. However, the unit continues to function for several hours after the low battery warning.

Godrej Hand Held Metal Detector - GScan HZ 10

SKU: 43171633SD00061
₹9,735.00 Regular Price
₹7,670.00Sale Price
  • Dimensions

    Length: 394 mm x Body Width: 36 mm x Thickness: 33 mm


    300gms (approx.)


    1 Year

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