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Thrill Mesh Plus Chair | Godrej Interio

With the Thrill Range being met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Godrej Interio is extremely elated to bring another addition to the Thrill Range, i.e., Thrill Mesh Plus Chair.



It is available in 2 body colours Black and white as well 6 Knitted fabric colour options.


Thrill Mesh Plus is a premium version, perfect for executives who prefer comfort with style. With its sleek structure and modern aesthetics, it is a perfect fit for every office setting. The functionality and customisable nature of Thrill Range makes it an ideal offering for every office need.


The key features of Thrill Mesh Plus:

  • Seat Slide mechanism

  • CTS mechanism with 3 position lock

  • 3D armrest

  • Alumimium pedestal

  • Chrome Trimming

  • Adjustable lumbar support

The Thrill Mesh range also comes with a wide headrest that is height adjustable. Thrill Mesh and Thrill Mesh plus share the same headrest. Please find all the codes for the same in the OB sheet.


As a part of our efforts for better support all the NPI products now have the 3D files.


• IT/ITES and new age Start-ups

• MNC, Indian Corporates and co-working spaces


• Seat Depth Adjustment

• CTS tilt mechanism with 3-point locking

• Innovative Lumbar Support that moves according to the movement of the bacK

• Chrome trimming and Alumimium pedestal


Thrill Mesh Plus is an extension of the existing Thrill product line and serves as an integral component of the Thrill platform design. This platform offers customers the flexibility to select their preferred chair based on their individual preferences and needs. Whether it's the design, features, or functionalities, the Thrill Mesh Plus caters to the diverse requirements of users within the Thrill range, enhancing the overall experience of choosing the right chair for each customer.


Dynamic and Adaptive Design: The Thrill Mesh Plus Chair embodies versatility and adaptability, perfectly suited for the dynamic nature of modern workplaces. Its contemporary design seamlessly blends with various office aesthetics, making it a versatile choice for any workspace, whether it's a collaborative open office or a private workstation. Adding to its versatility is the customisation of the chair to provide a one stop solution for all customer needs.

Ergonomic Support and Comfort: The chair prioritizes the well-being of the user, offering exceptional ergonomic support to enhance comfort and minimize fatigue. It features a breathable mesh backrest that promotes airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. The contoured seat with a waterfall edge reduces pressure on your legs, preventing discomfort and enhancing blood circulation.

Creature comfort: With an array of adjustable features, the Thrill Mesh Plus Chair ensures a personalized sitting experience. The seat height can be effortlessly modified to accommodate individuals of different statures, while the Centre tilt Synchro mechanism allows you to recline and find your preferred angle of relaxation with 3-point locking. The seat depth of the chair can be perfectly adjusted to provide a comfortable seating experience for customers of all stature. The chair also includes three-dimensional adjustable armrest, enabling you to align them perfectly with your desk height and arm position.

Innovative Lumbar Support: The Thrill Mesh Plus Chair incorporates an innovative lumbar support system that adjusts according to the movement. Designed in the shape of a mermaids tail it’s not only elegant to look at but extremely functional due its dual panelled adjustability. This adjustable lumbar support promotes healthy spinal alignment, reducing the risk of back strain and promoting better posture. Experience unmatched comfort and support throughout your workday, preventing long-term health issues associated with poor seating posture.

Robust Construction and Durability: Crafted with high-quality materials and a sturdy frame, the Thrill Mesh Plus Chair ensures long-lasting durability. It undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring it can withstand the demands of daily use in a bustling office environment. The chair is designed to provide years of reliable performance, making it a smart investment for your workspace.

Smooth Mobility and Stability: Equipped with smooth-rolling casters and a 360-degree swivel base, the Thrill Mesh Plus Chair allows for effortless movement and easy access to various workstations or areas within your office. The durable base provides excellent stability, ensuring a safe and secure seating experience.

Stylish and Professional Aesthetics: Combining sleek lines, modern aesthetics, and premium finishes, the Thrill Mesh Plus Chair exudes a professional and stylish look. It effortlessly elevates the visual appeal of your office while complementing your existing furniture and decor. To add to the aesthetics the chair comes with a Alumimium pedestal and Chrome trimmings to enhance the look of the chair.

Embrace the versatility and comfort offered by the Thrill Mesh Plus Chair and transform the workplace. With its dynamic design, ergonomic support, and customizable features, this chair empowers employees to focus on their tasks while maintaining optimal comfort. Upgrade office seating experience with the Thrill Mesh Plus Chair and unlock the true potential of the workspace.

Top performers need cheerleaders!

It’s the little things that let your people know you care. The Thrill Mesh Plus with its

height-adjustable lumbar support, armrest and headrest is a great way to do that.

For users who collaborate, reach out and set the pace of your organisation,

Thrill Mesh Plus delivers more than just ergonomic seating. It is loaded with features,

looks that make heads turn and performance that will impress for years!

Designed to empower.

Ease of movement, flexibility, and body support is key to ensuring minimal fatigue

during hours of intense work. Thrill Mesh chair with its soft smooth surface and broad

mesh back supports the movement of hands and user comfort.

Users can personalize the chair with the height-adjustable lumbar support. The

perforated lumbar pad and the knitted fabric of the seat and back let the chair

breathe. The 1D adjustable armrest allows for ergonomic placement of the arm, and

better work postures.

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