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Vestfrost Blood Bank Refrigeration | Celfrost

Updated: Jan 30

Middleby Celfrost Introduces Vestfrost from Denmark showcasing its Blood Bank Refrigerators BBR 290

The Vestfrost BBR 290 is an exclusive blood bank refrigerator designed for blood centers, hospitals and laboratories. Furthermore, it is equipped with data collection point by USB port, digital temperature display and fully electronic temperature control that ensures correct temperature for reliable storage of refrigerated blood and related products. The BBR 290 is also an eco-friendly solution with minimal running costs due to its low power consumption.

Large control panel

Easy view of the cabinet temperature. Temperatures history with the illustrative graph chart can be generated on the screen. Temperature data can be downloaded with the USB data logging system. In case of power failure, the optional battery back-up system will notify about temperature fluctuations up to 48 hours.

USB data collection point

Data of temperature history can be downloaded via the built-in USB port. This serves as an added safety feature when the refrigerator is left unattended for longer periods. Equally, it is useful for reporting statistics that validate correct storage temperature over longer periods

Adjustable drawers

The optional extractible drawers inside the cabinet include partitions for rational storage of blood bags, which can be positioned lying or standing .


The tail and streamlined design makes the blood bank refrigerator fit easily into any room and setup. Mobility is, in addition, enhanced by the castors, which makes positioning and repositioning effortless.


• Door alarm

• High/low temperature alarm

• Internal LED light

• Digital temperature display and controller

• USB data transfer

• Power failure alarm

• Battery backup 48hours

• Drawers

• Auto defrost


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