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Godrej Laboratory Refrigerator

Updated: Jan 30

Godrej Appliances : A new range of advanced and reliable Godrej Lab Refrigerators for precision cooling.

Our hermetically sealed cooling technology is designed to provide temperature range of 2°C to 8°C essential in lab or clinical environment, offering significant energy savings without

compromising protection.







Cooling Technology : Hermetically sealed cooling system for efficient cooling

Quality Management System : Godrej Lab Refrigerators are ISO and CE Certified and hence reliable.

100% Environment Friendly : 100% CFC free, energy efficient with low power consumption.

Superior Cooling Retention : Godrej Lab Refrigerator has High density PUF insulation for superior cooling retention

Intelligent Microprocessor Based Controller : Godrej Lab Refrigerator has 4 in-built intelligent electronic temperature control

alarm system, door opening alarm system, censor failure alarm and compressor failure alarm. It also records 60 day temperature which could be downloaded from the system.

Higher Visibility : Godrej Lab Refrigerator comes with multilayer transparent door with lock

and handle.

Airtight Sealing : The magnetic gasket of Godrej Lab Refrigerator provides energy efficient

thermal barrier and reduces frost build up.

Zero Condensation/Ice : Godrej Lab Refrigerator delivers zero condensation through forced air circulation and ensures zero ice formation through Auto-Defrost function.

In-Built Voltage Stabilizer : Godrej Lab Refrigerators operate in a wide voltage range of 110V - 280V thus performing even during high voltage fluctuations.

Silent Operation : With silent fan evaporator unit, Godrej lab refrigerators creates low noise.

Warranty : 2 year warranty on the entire refrigerator


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