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Toastmaster Baking Ovens & Proofing Cabinets | Celfrost

Middleby Celfrost India makes life easier for bakers with its comprehensive range of Bakery Equipment viz., Spiral Mixers, Bread Slicers, Refrigerated Bakery Cabinets, Blast Chillers & Freezers, Nova Ovens, Electric Deck Ovens and Proofing Cabinets.

Micro computer-control infrared baking ovens Electric/Gas

  • EFO-2C

  • EFO-4C

  • EFO-6C

  • GFO-2C

  • GFO-4C

  • GFO-6C

Proofing Cabinet : IDPF-16

Micro computer-control infrared baking ovens Electric/Gas :

• The electric oven is powered by 3-Phase 380V supply.

• Ensure that the power switch, fuses and leakage protection meet the requirement of the oven.

Proofing Cabinet : IDPF-16

These electric spray Proofers are designed to create appropriate proofing and fermenting

environment for the dough. They provide an optimal combination of temperature and humidity – both of which can be regulated at the turn of separate knobs . Constructed in quality stainless steel, they can accommodate 16 pans. Easy to operate, safe and reliable; they are an ideal choice for any bakery.


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