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Perfect Fry Company - Automated Bench Top Fryers | Celfrost

Middleby Celfrost India presents one of the best Automated Bench Top Fryers

  1. PFC 5700

  2. PFA 7200

PFC 5700

The PFC 5700 is a compact unit that is easy to use and maintain - making it ideal for most sites. It comes with its own inbuilt air filtering device which means there are no smells and you don’t need an external venting or exhaust system. It is a fully enclosed unit which means it is safe for all staff to use. The automated unit cooks approximately 1kg of product per cycle producing a large output over a short period of time. The modular design also means it is simple to clean.


A simple 3 step process whereby you place the food in the basket and put the basket inside the unit. Then select either the pre-set button for the food you’re cooking or proceed manually like you would with a microwave. The basket automatically lowers into the oil, cooks and when it’s completed lifts and beeps to indicate the process has finished.

Frying time is generally 2 to 6 minutes for most products.

PFA 7200

The PFA 7200 is a more automated unit with greater output than the PFC 5700 and is ideal for larger turn over sites. Also an enclosed unit with no external venting or exhaust system

needed, it will still fi t neatly into any environment. The PFA 7200 has an automated delivery system giving it two distinct advantages. Firstly, there are no baskets which means staff simply drop food into the hopper and press the button. Once the food is cooked, it drops into the tray below

– simple.

Secondly, the PFA 7200 cooks continuously and has a fast recovery time; generating large volumes of food in a short period of time.

And like the 5700 model it cooks hot food without the smells and its modular design makes it easy to clean and maintain.


Simply place food into the hopper on the front of the unit. Then select either the pre-set button for the food you’re cooking or enter manually like you would a microwave. The food automatically gets tipped into the oil, cooks and when it’s completed is dispensed into the tray on the bench. A great feature of this unit is the ability to reload the draw while something is cooking, when the cooked food is dispensed it will automatically send the next batch into the oil, meaning no downtime and greater output.



As a self contained unit, the Perfect Fryer has no external hoods, canopies or venting which means installation costs are kept to a minimum, and as a compact unit there is very little retail space required to accommodate the unit.


The units come with a unique air filtration system that removes grease from the air which eliminates the normal odours you get from frying.


The Perfect Fryers are automated which means all you have to do is select the appropriate cooking cycle depending on what type of food you are cooking and then press the button. There is no chance of over cooking or under cooking which means non cooks or chefs will be able to cook food to perfection. There is also an easy to follow manual that comes with the units plus access to a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week national helpline.


Although compact in size, the fryer can produce a large quantity of food in a short period of time and with 2 different sizes to choose from you can select the one that best meets your requirements.


The Perfect Fryer does not just cook chips - it can cook hundreds of different types of food including dim sims, potato cakes, spring rolls, fish fillets, calamari, chicken pieces, wings, nuggets and schnitzels and more.


The operator does not come in contact with the hot oil when cooking and the unit comes with a complete fi re suppression system and inbuilt extinguishers which means there are none of the normal insurance issues. The fryers surpass all the safety requirements and are OH & S compliant.


No other fryer is easier to clean. Internal components are completely removable in less than a minute to allow cleaning in your sink or dishwasher. All parts come with a 12 month warranty and next business day delivery policy on replacement parts.


We can easily provide you with a range of options for finance that allows the fryer to pay for itself out of profits rather than upfront. Options range to suit your specific requirements.


Fried food generates large profits for your business from direct sales and from its ability to draw additional customers to your business. In the past the problem with introducing fried food into your business has been a high level of cost, resources, risk and retail space - but not anymore. Perfect Fry Company now offers a solution that gives you all the profits associated with fried food without any of the hassles.


Frying is still the most efficient process available today to provide fast cooked food with a crisp outer maintaining freshness and moisture inside and having a long shelf life. Whether it’s oven cooked, grilled, microwaved or varying combinations; nothing comes close to achieving the same results as frying. Customers know the difference.


Gross margins of up to 70% and more are easily achievable for most business types. If you can sell $200 worth of hot food a day then you can make a profit of more than $50,000 in a year.These figures are rough estimates as obviously it depends on business types, locations and where frying fits into your overall menu.We can provide a more industry specific worksheet to help you better calculate estimated sales and profits for your business as well

as giving you basic break even analysis for your equipment selection including the operating costs. Once we better understand your business, we can better apply the figures to see how a Perfect Fryer can increase your sales and profits. Fried food can be as easy or complex as you like. There are literally hundreds of options of food also available that are frozen and ready for frying offering great margins and long shelf life. By building on what is availble you can create some unforgetable localised creations. Whether you choose to coat your own chicken, use a special recipe for buffalo wings, utilise the fryer to cook chicken schnitzels and other meats and sausages to make your own sandwiches, rolls and wraps - the fryer will provide you with great versatility. At the same time the Perfect Fryer cuts down on labour costs, preperation requirements and the space and infrastructure normally required.


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