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Motorized Optimizer Plus with Power Drive | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 22

Godrej Interio introducing Motorized Compactors which is electrically operated for file storage which are touch enabled with Power Drive Function for Office Furniture Use

As offices are gradually realigning, people’s expectations for safety, well-being, control, and belonging at the workplace are rising.

While space planning is turning towards technology, it is important that mandatory storages needs are also planned such that it is optimises the space taken to store. Thus the need for storages to become easier to use and get enabled with technology that makes life of employees simpler and easier.

Keeping this growing need in mind, we are pleased to introduce our technology enabled power driven motorised optimizer – POWER DRIVE.

Power drive is a motorised variant of the new optimizer plus range.

Power drive is enhanced with higher load bearing capacities and safety features which are one of the firsts in the Indian market.

To find out more about the key feature and user benefits of POWER DRIVE, we are sharing with you the details of the product:


Product Name:


Product category:

High density mobile storage system, Archival storage system, Motorized optimizer.

Product Description:

Power Drive is a high-density mobile storage system that is driven by an electronic motorized mechanism. The entire system is operated through an electronic display touch panel and is equipped with various sensors to ensure safety and ease of operation to the user. The product is an addition to the family of Optimizer plus series which has push pull and drive type optimizers. It is available in two bright and new colour schemes and in 3 different body configurations. Various accessories that can be provided with regular optimizer plus can also be integrated with Power drive.

Customer segment:

Power Drive is a product that is to be positioned in the government and PSU, Indian Corporate, IT sector, Education, BFSI, Healthcare and MNC segment. The motorized optimizer provides simple and easy movement at the touch of a button for heavy duty mobile storage. It is our indigenous design and manufacturing that enables us to promote the Make in India requirements in the market also.

Product Differentiation:

1. Heavy Duty load carrying capability – The power drive provides higher load carrying

capacity of 100 kg UDL per shelf. The size variants can cater to taller heights of 7’ and 8’ with

5 and 6 loading levels, respectively.

2. No Floor Grouting - The power drive is not grouted to the floor and has its mounting system on which rails can be offered on a durable, high abrasive resistant platform.

3. Patented Cable management system – Innovative concealed cable management between

moving bodies eliminates need for additional structures to transfer power between moving


4. All the electronic components and sensors are well concealed within the front panel making

the optimizer front look clean, neat, and seamless.

5. Simple User Interface – The car dashboard inspired user interface touch panel of Power

Drive simplifies and automates most of the operations, thus reducing the need for multiple

control buttons. The most essential operational and safety features can be accessed using

just 5 buttons. The display panel symbols are visible only when user needs to interact with

that feature of the product.

6. Ease of operation of the motorized Optimizer – The Power Drive units allows the user to

operate the entire Optimizer from any of the touch panels thus creating an upgrade in utility

of the product. Unlike the manual Optimizer, user can open the bay that is required for use

with a single touch of button on the touch panel that will move all the required units.

7. It comes in various configurations of 2, 3 and 4 storage bodies in one row and are available

in the single and twin body configurations.

8. Full-proof Motorized System – Using an array of sensors there are built in features in the

motorized system that safeguards the users operating the Power Drive Optimizer. This builtin

safety features of the motorized system rejects all movement inputs when it senses a

possible obstruction in its path.

9. Comprehensive safety features for the motorized Optimizer – Multiple levels of safety are

built into the program of the Optimizer to ensure safe operation.

a. The system senses when anyone enters between two open rows and automatically

locks operation of the entire Optimizer, preventing any other user from operating it

unless the first user exits and unlocks the unit.

b. In the rare case scenario that someone accidentally unlocks the Optimizer without

checking inside the open rows and starts the motor, with the first user still inside,

the Optimizer will halt instantly on sensing a firm obstruction from within by the

user inside.

c. All the moving units of the PowerDrive, have safe DC power supply which eliminates

risk of electric shocks.

d. The display panel has power ON indicator which clearly indicates the power state of

the entire system. The PowerDrive additionally has its ON-OFF switch at an easy to

access location which doesn’t require the user to access the main power supply


e. Power drive has an integrated mechanical central locking system which overrides

the electrical system in locked condition. It physically secures the PowerDrive unit

and prevents any motor movement in locked condition.

10. Designed Aptly for Office Use: Accessories like File Stopper, Instadex Office Files, Pull-out

Tray, and Step Stool are available as per customer need.

11. The design and manufacturing of Power Drive units are completely Made in India, hence

connects well with the Make in India National initiative too.

Product certifications:

1. GreenPro Certification

2. Indoor Advantage Gold – Furniture Indoor Air Quality

3. GRIHA Product catalogue listing

4. GreenGuard Certification

Area of Application :

1. Power drive is to be promoted for corporate offices, Legal firms, Banks and financial

institutions, Central stores for organizations, Archives etc. where there are high

requirements of file and stationary storage while achieving optimization of floor space.

2. It can also be promoted in public libraries and record room requirements.

3. It can also be promoted in the healthcare segment for maintaining records of patients etc.

4. It should not be promoted for residential usage as the product is designed for

commercial/office use only.

Optimzer Plus_Catalogue
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