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Middleby Celfrost Dishwashers

Updated: Mar 17

Middleby Celfrost India Presents the following Dishwashers :

Glass Washer : B 20

Undercounter Dishwasher : B 30

Hood Type Dishwasher : B 50

Rack Type Dishwasher : ATR 1800

Dishwashers produced by Europe's premier dishwasher manufacturer. Use of modern technology and an ISO 9001 certified system ensure reliability, safety, hygiene and a perfect wash for your tableware. A complete range of Glasswashers, Undercounter Dishwashers, Hood Type Dishwashers and Rack Conveyor Dishwashers is now available in India….backed by reliable service support from Celfrost. Keep your tableware looking new, for years!

Glass Washer : B 20

Ideal for coffee shops and pubs that require an effective solution to clean large

amounts of glasses and cups. Up to 30 baskets in 1 hour! Sturdiness and reliability without compromise thanks to Celfrost high quality standards. Simple and easy to use features to avoid operational mistakes and minimize maintenance costs.

• 100% Stainless steel structure in AISI 304. Best robustness and long life of the equipment guaranteed.

• Double-skinned door with insulation for energy efficiency and operating comfort.

• Stainless steel washing arms to provide best in class durability and consistent cleaning overtime. Washing performance will be constant in the years and so the water pressure on the glasses.

• Standard stainless steel filter. Differently than the plastic filters commonly used, it is not to be changed because it's not subject to wear.

• Standard equipped with built-in rinse aid dispenser and temperature alarm for the best drying results.

• Built-in connection for a quick installation of the detergent dispenser.

• Two baskets for glasses included.

Undercounter Dishwasher : B 30

Versatile and compact in size, B30 is perfectly addressing the need to clean a big variety of different plates and glasses in one only dishwasher. Up to 540 plates in 1 hour! Designed for customers looking for a premium equipment. The superior quality of the stainless steel and of the parts make of Celfrost B30 the best deal not only for the attractive purchasing price, but also for the low running costs.

• Stainless steel washing arms are not affected by wear and will provide the same

washing results even after 10 years of usage.

• Filter in stainless steel. It will never have to be replaced during the entire dishwasher lifetime.

• Best in class energy consumption. Only 2,5Lt of fresh water are needed per cycle.

• The door is counterbalanced for a premium feeling when opening-closing the door.

• One button user interface to simplify at maximum the dishwasher's ease of use.

• Hygiene safe guaranteed by the temperature alarm. When the rinsing water reaches 82°, almost 99% of the bacteria are killed.

• Built-in rinse aid dispenser and connection for detergent dispenser included standard.

• Including one basket for glasses and one basket for dishes.

Hood Type Dishwasher : B 50

Hotels and restaurants that must cope with high productivity needs, can find in AT1000 a reliable partner for their daily cleaning operations. This hood type machine can wash one basket in only 1 minute, and the racks loading - unloading is made easy by the different tables configurations available for the sorting and prewash

area. Washing performances are optimized to the limit in Celfrost hood type dishwashers: the 3 washing cycles can be selected for lightly or heavily soiled loads, and can be customized based on the inlet water conditions.

• Stainless steel washing arms with concave jets shape that keep them clean from solid waste.

• Record energy savings. Only 20Lt of water in the tank to optimize water, chemical and energy consumption.

• Double filtration system keeps the water cleaner for longer. Pump filter in stainless steel.

• Thermolock function ensures a surefire hygiene because only allows the rinsing cycle to start when the water reaches 82° in the boiler.

• Double-skinned tank with round edges to ensure easier and more accurate cleaning, avoiding bad smell presence in the dishwasher.

• Built-in rinse aid dispenser and connection for detergent dispenser included standard.

• Two baskets included: one for glasses and one for dishes.

Rack Type Dishwasher : ATR 1800

Rack type dishwashers are modular, high capacity dishwashers that assist in creating a functional and ergonomic dishwashing area.

• Power wash zone with the capacity of 1800 dishes/hr, where final rinse is done to sanitise the items with built in boiler using 3.3 ltrs/rack of water

• Automatic start/stop function

• Double skinned door with safety switch and easy to grip handle

• Machine has smooth surfaces with easy to remove wash arms and tank filters facilitating cleaning

• Capacity – 100 baskets per hour


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