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Houno Combi Ovens | Middleby Celfrost

Updated: Mar 17

Middleby Celfrost India presents Houno Combi Ovens.

Every day, every week, more and more chefs are choosing HOUNÖ combi ovens and bakeoff ovens. User friendliness, Know-how, product quality, innovation, elegant and functional design make HOUNÖ your first-class alternative to any other massproduced oven. Poaching Frying & pan-Frying, Baking, roasting, grilling - we have the widest range of combi ovens for any requirement in your kitchen. From baking bread to roasting chicken and steaming vegetables in fresh brilliant colours. There's virtually no limit to its capabilities. Houono Visual Cooking oven is an experience. Visual Cooking meets the needs of quick ser vice restaurants, full service restaurants as well as high-capacity kitchens. Made in Denmark - Best In class with 4 years warranty

Smart touch - the simple & intuition way of cooking

1. Hot air for superior baking results

2. Combismart® provides 10-step humidity control

3. Steaming to achieve perfectly boiled potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables and more

4. Cook & regen ensures perfect regeneration of chilled food

5. Climaoptima® automatically adjusts the humidity level in the oven chamber

6. Advanced feature offers beneficial functions such as preheating, proving and cool down

7. With smartchef® the oven automatically selects the optimum cooking settings

8. Favourites to store recipes for quick access

9. Memory of 500 recipes

10. CombiWash® for fully automatic cleaning programme with minimum use of water, chemicals and energy.

Other Features :

• Rack Timer to avoid stress in the busy restaurant kitchen.

• Use Clima Optima to reduce food shrinkage and increase profits.

• Use HOUNÖ's fat separation system when you roast chicken to avoid clogged drains

• Pass through option available for front of the house operations


The intense steaming function guarantees juicy, tender and colourful vegetables


Poach delicate items like fish & eggs, they will turn out moist & juicy.

Perfect cooking and baking

Imagine 320 Danish pastries in one oven load - all baked to perfection. The reversible fan ensures optimum distribution of heat and steam.

Grilling & Roasting

ClimaOptima® - the intelligent humidity control ensures the right amount of steam in the oven chamber, for roasting mouthwatering fish, chicken - crisp on the outside, tender and juicy inside.

Frying & Pan Frying

You can pan fry lamb, cutlets or a whole range of breaded products - ideally browned or crisp even on the underside - whether it is 1 piece or 100.


Combi ovens with injection steam - a perfect solution for regeneration of food.


New ways of thinking- new ways of working You now have an opportunity to experience a new way to cook, manage and service single or multiple ovens with Houno. Inspired by

new ways of thinking and the newest technology, we offer a complete new way of working with our letsCook app.

The LetsCook app gives you the tool to master cooking through your mobile device. You can access hundreds of worldwide recipes in the app library, get inspiration from other chefs and share your experiences on the social channel. You can monitor one or multiple ovens, and you are able to access the service log and history of your oven. Furthermore, you can even train your staff by using the training section.

Substantial Savings on Liquid Cleaning

Benefit from the automatic cleaning CombiWash ® and save precious time as well as money. With low consumption of water, energy and liquid chemicals, your combi oven becomes spotlessly clean.

When it comes to the cost of cleaning, using Houno liquid detergent and rinse aid are by far the cheapest way of cleaning your combi oven compared to cleaning tabs.

You will typically find that Houno cleaning chemicals are 25%-50% cheaper than cleaning tabs - depending on your volume of purchase. That's why you save money each time you use HOUNÖ CombiWash. Avoid contact with chemicals CombiWash automatically adds just the right amount of water, liquid detergent and rinse aid, Which makes it super Easy to use and



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