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Godrej Tyre Killer / Tyre Ripper

Updated: Mar 17

With the increase in incidents of terrorism using uncontrolled vehicles which can cause serious damage to life and property there is a need to lay special emphasis on security checks at sensitive places.

To combat this possible threat, with the objective of thwarting unauthorised vehicular

access, Godrej Security Solutions brings to you Tyre Ripper, a modern and innovative


Godrej Tyre Ripper prevents entry of unauthorized defiant vehicles by puncturing their tyres using 150mm special steel spikes. The rippers are driven by an electromechanical drive unit controlled by a micro-controller. When the spikes are in “up” position, they puncture the tyres of the vehicle attempting to force entry into the secured area. However, when these spikes are in lowered position, the driveway is free for the passage of vehicles.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Godrej Tyre ripper is tested by ARAI.

  • Can be integrated with other access control solutions.

  • Compact electromechanical drive unit is enclosed in a lockable steel cabinet.

  • Blocking spikes are specially designed & made of heavy duty steel, bolted to a solid steel rotating axis.

  • Automated operation using "up/down" push-button set.

  • Underground Solid welded steel frame is provided with drainage outlets.

  • The top of the casing is equipped with steel cover segments which cover the blocking spikes in the lowered position allowing passage of vehicles.

  • Top surface plate is colored in yellow & black stripes, the blocking spikes are red in color.

  • Built in safety device

Technical Specifications:

Blocking width : 3000 to 6000 mm

Blocking height : 150 mm

Depth of casing : 235 mm

Weight : 750 Kg (for 3000 mm blocking width)

Distance between centers of two adjacent spikes : 100 (+/- 10 mm)

Operating time : 3 to 4 sec

Operating voltage : 230V, 50Hz, Single Phase

Safety device : Loop detector

Operating temperature : 0°C to 55°C

Control unit : Micro controller based

Optional accessories:

Traffic lights, Photo electric sensors etc.


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