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NX Pro Plus Safes | Godrej Security Solutions

Godrej Security Solutions starts the year with a launch and am pleased to introduce NX Pro Plus - a seamless fusion of classic design and cutting-edge technology in Home Lockers 10X range. Our lockers boast a revolutionary dual-mode access system, providing both fingerprint and digital keypad access, empowering users to choose their preferred security method and ensures effortless and secure access to their valuables.



  • Classic, Resilient, and Stylish Design

  • LED Light for Enhanced Illumination

  • Voice-Based Acknowledgments for Convenience

  • In-built I-Buzz alarm

  • Motorized Lock for Enhanced Safety

  • Single (Fingerprint or Digital Keypad) and Dual (Fingerprint & Digital Keypad) Unlock Options

  • Stores upto 10 user code of 6 digit and 1 master code of 8 digit for Digital Lock Access

  • Store up to 50 Fingerprints for Biometric Lock Access

  • Emergency Access via USB & Key

  • Low Battery Indicator

  • Auto Lock Freeze after 5 Consecutive Wrong Access Entries



  • Manual

  • Warranty Card

  • 4 AA Batteries

  • 4 Anchoring Bolts

  • 2 Mechanical Override Key


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