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Godrej Boom Barrier

Updated: Mar 17

Vigiguard Automatic Boom Barriers are the most widely used solution on to secure access to vehicles. It offers efficient security at entry and exit points of factories, office complexes, condominiums, parking lots, toll plazas, or any roadway entry where medium to heavy traffic is expected. Designed to precision,

VigiGuard Boom Barriers GVB4 / GVB6 enable controlled vehicular access; conveniently securing your premises.

Vigiguard Boom Barrier has an inbuilt an -crash safety device which blocks the mo on of the barrier, should it meet any obstruc on. The op cal beam sensor automa cally senses traffic approaching the barrier, its electronic control panel is designed to accept signals from various controls and safety accessories. Vigiguard Boom Barriers are the most trusted solutions, accepted across industries for entrance control and security.


  • Toll Booths

  • Parking Zones

  • Industrial Complexes

  • Private & Government Assets

  • Residential Areas

  • Airports


• Housing Thickness: 2mm thickness for higher strength and reliability

• Smooth Operation: ABS brake control system for No bounce/jerk of boom at end positions

• Better Visibility: White aluminium boom bar

• IP54 Protection: Control unit is IP – protected

making it dust and water resistant

• Optical Beam Sensor: Safety device to

detect presence of vehicles and reverse

barrier movement

• Access Control Operation: Barrier operated

through push button switch and can also be

operated through access control system.

• Manual Operation in case of Power Failure:

Barrier can be raised or lowered by releasing

the barrier lock.

Optional Accessories

• Bar with Protective Rubber Profile: To prevent injury on case of any contact

• Circular Boom Section: Optional boom profile used in case of a windy area

• Loop Detector: Safety device to detect presence of vehicles and re verse barrier movement

• Flash Light: To indicate traffic at the entry/exit location

• Folding Arm: Optional boom profile for used in case of ceiling height constrain in the area


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