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Godrej Ascend Wall Mounted Storage

In the realm of contemporary workspaces, the constant challenge of managing limited floor space has persisted, often resulting in an unsightly and chaotic work environment. Make your walls, the office storage space you need with our Wall-Mounted storage unit. Presenting Godrej Interio Ascend, an overhead office storage unit for workspaces that includes private cabins, cubicles, common activity areas, etc. With the all-new efficient Penta Corner Unit and a handleless design, Ascend comes with loads of features to cater to office requirements. Ascend comes in various configurations including Metal and Wooden shutter options, and it offers a selection of units ranging from single-door to double-door. Elevate your office's structural efficiency with Ascend – your gateway to an uncluttered, organized workspace.


Handleless Front

Ascends’ distinctive handleless front design not only lends a clean and contemporary look but also gives an uninterrupted visual appearance, seamlessly uniting each component into a cohesive whole.

Super Efficient Penta Corner Unit

The Penta corner unit aptly utilizes wall corner spaces to their fullest potential, thereby optimizing space utility and offering a practical storage solution that embraces both form and function.

Ease of Reach

Ascend ensures convenience with its 45-degree bottom panel cut, strategically designed to allow for effortless access to storage units, placing the point of contact at its lowest point. The diagonally oriented shutter for the Penta Corner Unit further enhances accessibility to storage compartments, promoting user comfort.

Soft Closing Shutters

Both the Metal and Wooden Shutters of Ascend exhibit a soft-closing mechanism that not only eliminates operational noise but also serves as a safeguard against unintended finger injuries, setting a standard of safety within your workspace.

Seamless Connectivity

Ascend's flexibility shines through its capacity to support the limitless sideways mounting of Add-on units. This adaptability is suited for Hard Brick/Concrete Walls, offering a seamless solution, and making it a dynamic addition to your workspace.


Model : 2 Feet Width ( Double Door )


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Godrej Ascend Wall Mounted Storage

SKU: 56101530SD01366
  • Dimensions

    600 (W) x 310 (D) x 785 (H) in mm

    Total : 2 Feet in Width

    Primary Material

    CRCA Steel

    Finish Color

    Body : Sugar White

    Door : Riveara Oak / Siam Teak ( Wood )

    Lock Type

    Cam Lock

    Storage Type

    Wall Mounted Storage

    Number of Shelves


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