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Ascend - Wall Mounted Overhead Storages | Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 11

Godrej Interio is excited to unveil ASCEND, the latest addition to our product line that builds on the success of Store Up. While Store Up was well-received and provided tailored solutions, we acknowledge its limitations.

With insightful feedback and dedicated efforts, we proudly present ASCEND – the next level in Wall Mounted Overhead Storage.

ASCEND is the culmination of design enhancements, addressing crucial pain points encountered. We have meticulously reworked features such as bottom panel looks and corner unit convenience, offering a refined solution that directly caters to user needs.

With ASCEND, we've elevated our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions that adapt to diverse site conditions.

ASCEND brings a superior level of functionality and design to meet your storage requirements.

Product category:

Wall mounted overhead storages.

Product Description:

Ascend is a wall mounted overhead storage range that have Units which can be mounted side by side for customizable configurations. It is modular in nature allowing for any number of add-on units on the base unit. It is offered as combinations 5 different units: 300 & 450 with single door, 600 & 900 with dual door and a pentagonal corner unit. Ascend has shutters in metal as well as wooden finishes.

Its for :

Ascend is a versatile storage range primarily targeted to the SME, BFSI and the government

segment where it would benefit from efficient space utilization, enhancing organization and

productivity. It is our indigenous design and manufacturing that enables us to promote the

Make in India requirements in the market also.

Product Differentiation:

1. Seamless Unit Connectivity: The main and add-on concept enables lateral fixing of

units, creating a rigid row of storages. There is no limit to the number of units that

can be added on sideways, as long as it is a hard brick/concrete wall.

2. Efficient Corner Unit: The corner unit is designed to provide maximum utilization of

the corner space on the wall. The design enables the reach for the entire storage unit

with a diagonally placed single shutter.

3. Quiet Soft-Closing Shutters: Both metal and wooden shutters are mounted with soft

closing hinges which prevent abrupt slamming and thus reducing operational noise,

while also enhancing user safety by avoiding accidental finger injuries.

4. Handle-Free Operation: Handle free shutters provide a clean front look while the

design of the body is such that user can easily open the shutter from the bottom end

of the shutter

5. Multiple shutter finish: it comes with metal as well as wooden shutter finishes which

makes it compatible to majority of application spaces for overhead storage units.

Can be Used for :

1. For Home Offices: In remote work settings, overhead storage can help maintain a

dedicated workspace.

2. In office areas like Health and Safety Stations, Supply Rooms, Employee Break rooms

and pantry spaces. These spaces are low on floor space to accommodate the storage


3. School and collage Project Rooms: Overhead storage in project-specific spaces can

store materials and documents related to the educational projects being worked


4. Mailrooms: for storing mailboxes and shipping supplies overhead can efficiently

manage incoming and outgoing mail.

5. Technology and IT Rooms: Overhead storage can store cables, equipment, and

hardware, maintaining an organized tech environment.

Using vertical wall space effectively for storages is a practical approach to address the challenge of limited floor space.

Benefits of using vertical wall space for storage

• Increased Space efficiency by accommodating more functions in th e same available space

• Enhances access, boosting efficiency through Improved organization

• Freeing floor space allows versatile layouts in flexible work environment

• More floor space enables collaborative zones, fostering teamwork and Increased Collaboration

ASCEND Storages offer a seamless array of units to utilize wall space effectively.

ASCEND comes in two variations of shutters – Metal and wooden shutter…….making it compatible to all the application spaces like cabins, open offices etc.

The unique corner unit of ASCEND storages…..

….is shaped in a pentagonal shape to make the entire space inside accessible for storage purposes.

The handle free design of ASCEND storages

……..Allows easier opening of the shutters while also giving a clean front aesthetic

Soft closing hinges of ASCEND storage shutters..

prevent abrupt slamming, reducing noise, and enhancing user safety by avoiding accidental finger injuries.

ASCEND Storage units fitted with CAM locks….

….. providing security and safety for items stored in it.


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