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Upmods Sofa Range | Godrej Interio

Updated: 2 days ago

Introducing Godrej UPMODS – A unique and innovative seating  solution,  which is differentiated, complete personalization, configurable, modular platform, future refurbishments, co-creation with  variety of choices.  This innovative modular seating solution is the first of its kind in the Indian furniture market which speaks volume of our creativity and design capabilities.


This collection has redefined the way we think about living room furniture, offering a wide range of configurations and an extensive colour palette to cater to every individual's unique taste.

There are 25 shades combinations with single tone and double tone in fabric and Syn Leather that would fit to any home décor. Toffee and Truffle are the MTA shades.  Seven type of armrest offers  customer the choice  to choose  (Link of armrest given Below) as per his/her requirements keeping in mind the Living room décor and style.  Also, to add to customer’s delight we are offering three years warranty.

Introducing UPMODS by Interio, where "My house my pride" is not just a saying, but a way of life.

UPMODS is an innovative furniture concept designed for customization and adaptability. Offering various sizes and the flexibility to be upgraded at the user's convenience, it provides a versatile solution that can evolve with changing needs and preferences.

UPMODS has been meticulously curated and crafted to cater to a diverse range of people's needs. Its thoughtful design ensures that the furniture concept strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality, making it appealing to a wide spectrum of individuals with varying tastes and preferences. The emphasis on customization, personalization and different size options further enhances its ability to satisfy the unique requirements of a broad audience, ensuring a tailored and versatile solution for everyone.

The Upmods Sofa Collection has redefined the way we think about living room furniture, offering a wide range of configurations and an extensive colour palette to cater to every individual's unique taste.

Upmods Sofas redefine the concept of versatility. Picture this: you've had your Upmods Sofa for a while, and you're ready for a change. With Upmods, transforming your sofa is as simple as changing a few key elements. The armrests , backrest, seat, legs , prominent parts of any sofa's design, can be easily updated with different styles. This means you can transition from sleek, modern sofa to something more classic or eclectic, depending on your mood or the evolving aesthetic of your living room.

The key feature that sets Upmods apart is its multiple configurations – a sofa that adapts to your changing needs. Whether you prefer a classic three-seater for a cozy movie night or a sectional for entertaining guests, Upmods effortlessly accommodates diverse preferences. The journey with Upmods begins with choosing the base configuration of your sofa. From there, the modular design allows you to add or remove sections, creating a bespoke seating arrangement that suits your lifestyle. Need a chaise lounge for lazy Sundays or an extra seat for unexpected guests? Upmods has you covered !!

Imagine unwinding on your Upmods Sofa, and suddenly you desire a chaise-like experience. Upmods makes it possible with its thoughtfully designed Ottoman. The longer seat cushion effortlessly exchanges with the Ottoman cushion , creating an extended surface that seamlessly blends with your sofa. In an instant, you've converted your standard sofa into a chaise, adding a touch of indulgence to your lounging experience.

Upmods Sofas redefine customization by offering not only a wide array of single tone and double tone options but also the freedom to select different finishes – be it fabric, synthetic leather, or a harmonious combination of both.


Covers of Upmods sofa are offered separately which can be changed after usage making the product new and everlasting. Seasonal/ Festive upgrades


The modules are designed in a way to that it can be customized and personalized according to size of the room and need of the customer


The multiple choice of armrests provides a comfortable and ergonomic landing for resting arms comfortably in multiple postures. Also, two armrest has storage option which enhances functionality. Two armrest Arm Rest 2 and Arm Rest 3 provides a comfortable and ergonomic landing for resting your arms comfortably in multiple postures and also for dock your things while you comfortably sit.


The sofa has conical legs whose height ensures a good ground clearance. This makes the space below the sofa easy to clean and makes it appear visually light.

4 TYPE OF Legs :

Offers flexibility in choice



Available in twenty five shade in single tone and two tone shades to brighten things up and also neutral shades that would fit into any home décor.


Soft wrinkles at backrest which provide a distinct visual character and provide comfort.


The upholstery (fabric and Syn Lth) has a distinct soft and soothing texture which makes it suitable for comfortable seating for long hours.


Because of pocket seating suspension, a bouncy seating feel is experience while seating


The stitching lines are perfectly symmetrical with excellent fit and finish. Elegant craftmanship with minute detailing in every modules.


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