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Unwind High Base Seating Chair | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 29

Godrej Interio Unwind Hi - Base Stool with optional Cushion is now introduced.

Multi-purpose Applications: Cafeteria, Discussion areas, training room, Waiting area, High-Base Seating, Bar-stools.

Unwind Hi-base (MS base frame)- Cafeterias(Bar-stool) and hi-base seating.

UNWIND: It’s a chair for anytime and anywhere. Created for just one main purpose: To Unwind It is a Multi-purpose chair range meant to address the varied seating needs of cafeterias, work cafes, waiting rooms, training rooms, libraries, discussion areas, corridors, home-offices, guest and casual seating.

The base model as in a cafeteria chair can be extended to a range with the chair having added features like armrests, SS under-structure, desklet & wire-tray, beam seating and High-base seating. The semi-formal look of the chair with its practical features and vibrant color options makes UNWIND an ideal choice for MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS.


Government- Cafeteria chairs, Beam seating (Waiting lounge)

PSU-Cafeteria chairs, Chairs with arms (Discussion areas), Hi-base chair (Cafeteria)

Education- Chairs with desklet (For Classrooms), Cafeteria chairs, Chairs with arms (Library area / Reading Rooms), High-base chair (Cafeterias)

BFSI / IT- Cafeteria and Chairs with desklet (Training rooms), Hi-base Chairs (Cafeterias)

Corp/MNC- Cafeteria chairs, Hi-base chairs (Bar-stool), Chairs with arms (Discussion areas).

SME- Cafeteria chairs and Beam Seating (Waiting Lounge)



The construction of Unwind is such that its very light in weight and can be easily moved thereby making it a multi-purpose chair (For eg : A discussion room chair can be taken into the cafeteria)


Feature of chair stack-ability as well as inverse placement over table for is good for applications such as cafeterias where the floor needs to be cleaned on regular basis (Available in with and without arm variants only. Stack only 4 chairs)


The absence of narrow grooves and ribs, typically seen in plastic shells, makes it easy for maintenance


o The desklet is depth adjustable supporting ergonomic writing posture for all body types. (Available in desklet variant) Also the desklet version come with a wire basket below the seat to enable storage of books / stationary.

o The injection molded side edging in the desklet component and the completely encased under-seat wire-tray in the chair for training application make it more durable and less prone to mis-use. (Available in desklet variant)


A retro-fit cushioned upholstery cover is optional to add to the comfort for applications requiring longer time of seating and not needing the stack feature.


o The tapering back profile gives ample lower back support and gives freedom for arm movement. The seat and back are made from injection moulded plastic engineered to perfection offering rigidity for performance and enough flexibility for comfort.

o The chair parts are UV stabilized as required for indoor applications to reduce colour fading effect

o The optimal scale of the product makes it comfortable for all user types.

o The arms provide optimal elbow support apt for a multi-purpose chair and are more useful in ingress-egress (Available in only with armrest variant)

o A robust welded and powder-coated frame of MS is the support structure

(Beam seating variant)

o Tested as per stringent BIFMA standards of performance.


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