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Under The Counter Double Door Jewelry Safe | Godrej Security Solutions

Updated: Jan 29

Godrej Security Solutions presents Under The Counter Double Door Jewelry Safe which is Ideal for use in jewellery shops and retail establishments, this safe neatly fits below the counter such that the display area remains unaffected. Offering double door access, the Defender Aurum Safe is roomy and spacious and smartly utilises the under the counter space while maximizing the display area.

Why Defender Aurum Double Door Safes?

Security threats are always rising. Technology up-gradation, easy access to tools and technical knowledge available to burglars create a need to maintain upgraded security. To combat the ever-increasing security threats, a robust safe is needed that can withstand even the most intense modern day attacks. It may also be crucial to have a safe in case of overnight storage of cash and valuables. This will help the jewelers and retail establishments secure their valuables without compromising on their display space.

Breaking the Myths:

• The weight of a safe does not define its strength

• A safe completely made of metal may not be strong • Resistance of every safe is limited up to its defined capacity

Why Godrej?

• Largest such manufacturing facility in India for security equipment. One of its kind, highly automated manufacturing facility for safes across the world.

• Oldest safe manufacturer, with a legacy of 115 years

• State-of-the-art offerings, designed to withstand ever evolving modern day attacks

• Trusted brand with years of patronage in securing wealth of India and ensuring peace of mind


Fully welded strong seamless body

Massive resistance and uniform strength to attacks.

Helps withstand a fall from upperfloors. Double Duty Barrier (DDB)

Provides superior resistance againstburglary attacks and renders the safe fireresistance.

Passivated body through anti-corrosion treatment

Enhances life of the safe by preventing rust formation. Ensures the paint remains unscathed even after number of years.

Torch and Drill resistant Matrix (TDR Matrix)* Provides superior resistance to torch and tool attacks.

High strength door Gives better protection from fire & burglary. Provides more resistance to attacks aimed at dislodging bolts/locks.

Motion sensor intelliLight Enables clear visibility of contents interiors of safe and access to valuables even in dimly lit locations.

High precision locks 8 lever dual control brass locks offer high number of combinations. These locks offer massive resistance against pilferage.

Enhanced usable space Increases the storage quantity available to the user by providing greater usable volume.

Drill Defeat Shield Provides extra security to the locks and makes the safe more secure.

X-shield Advanced form of fortified security foils burglar attacks on locks.

Automatic re-locking devices

Sets the safe into a deadlock in the event of an attack, ensuring the contents of the safe are secured.

Strong Movable Shooting Bolts

Makes the door secure and ensures safe is highly burglary resistant.

Class C Safes have one hour fire resistance

Class C safes have successfully withstood the one-hour fire resistance test carried out at C.B.R.I., Roorkee, India

Additional Combination Lock, Electronic Lock or Biometric Lock can be provided


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