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Sterling King Bed | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 17

Godrej Interio is happy to announce the re-launch of the STERLING 4.0 – LEATHER UPHOLSTERED KING BED.

In due course of keeping up with global trend, we need to be adaptive and exploring. The rising trend and acceptance of upholstered beds for bedroom solution has been picking up in India as well. People have become more modern in their choices and they follow international trends when it comes to personal buying.

Sterling Leather bed is one such product that would cater the needs of such customers.

Key points to be noted:

  • This is a leather upholstered king size bed offering hydraulic storage

  • It is currently available only in King size

  • The overall design, aesthetic and dimension of this bed has been retained in line with the earlier versions of Sterling

  • The bed is in touch point leather which means, only the ‘Headboard’ is in leather and rest of the bed is in PVC

Upholstered beds are far from a new fad. These beds give the bedroom a luxurious feel while keeping the overall style intact. They also give a new level of comfort when reading or scrolling before bed.

An upholstered bed can maintain style while bringing a note of sophistication to the room.


Pure leather is synonymous to class, hence the button design on the headboard.

This name has been chosen due to the fact that it is a leather upholstered bed. Leather denotes premiumness and is coveted among people.

Sterling bed is moderate heighted bed with high fluffy cushioned headboard. The leather is top quality grain and it is touch point leather bed. Hence, only the headboard is in leather and rest of the portion on the bed is in PVC.


Technical Specifications

Headboard – touch point pigmented leather in Grey shade

• 17 mm thick plywood from front

• 12 mm thick plywood from back side

• Mattress panel- MDF 12mm thick both side laminated lipping 0.8mm

• Side panel- Inside panel MDF one side laminated 17 mm thick

• Tail board- Inside panel MDF one side laminated 17 mm thick

• Separator panel (under storage) - Sheesham wood 18mm thick

• Storage height- 138mm (+/- 2mm)

• Bottom panel- 11mm MDF both side laminated


• Do not place leather furniture in direct sunlight for prolonged period of time

• Avoid placing the furniture near sources of excessive heat

• Use a damp cloth for regular cleaning of the leather furniture

• Vacuum on a regular basis to keep the leather clean and ‘breathable’

• Avoid use of chemical polish

• Wipe with a dry soft cloth after each cleaning

• Wipe off spills immediately using a soft clean cloth to prevent damage to the leather surface


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