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Slow Sofa | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 22

Godrej Interio SLOW sofa by Script is a simple sofa with a unique silhouette. Its subtle curves and wooden legs are reminiscent of old school furniture while the fabric and quilting adds a modern touch. Overall, it’s a graceful form that complements any living room setting bringing in an exclusive character to the space.

The form of the sofa is a combination of subtle curves, angles and linear elements.

▪ The seat is a generous cuboid divided in the center with a slight pull.

▪ The armrests are what lend the unique silhouette to this sofa. The curve of the armrest adds an aesthetic elegance as well as follows the body contours ensuring suitable support and comfort. The quilting on the outer surface of the armrest adds texture as well as a luxurious feel to the sofa.

▪ The back is placed at an appropriate angle with respect to the seat merging into the armrests at both ends. The sofa’s back provides suitable support and its slender form adds to the minimalistic style of the sofa.

▪ The sofa also protrudes outward towards the end of the seat to provide lumber support. The lumber area has been highlighted by adding a quilting pattern onto the fabric.

▪ The entire sofa body is supported on a Beech wood framework. The legs on the rear side are at an angle and extend slightly out adding an accent to the sofa. This also makes the side profile of the sofa have high recall due to the form and materials.


• Generous size and luxurious appeal

• Use of textures – quilting

• Sofa body- unique form

• Velvet textures exuding luxury

• Beechwood legs and frame

• Pronounced lumbar support

• Continuous seamless sofa form

• Additional lose cushion provided on the back for High back support


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