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Sleepcot Mattress | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 20

Here’s bringing to you another NPI in the form of a line extension – Godrej Interio Sleepcot mattress in 6 inches!

After receiving feedback and due to high demand from many branches, we have decided to launch Sleepcot mattress in 6 inches. Sleepcot mattress in 4 & 5 inches is already a part of our portfolio and is a runner product, hence we are delighted to widen our offering in Sleepcot model by introducing it in 6 inches as well.

Sleepcot is a dual-side usable PU foam mattress having quilting on both sides and consists of the right combination of hard and normal PU foam on either sides. It will help us to target the new accounts for market penetration and also help us to achieve better sale numbers.

The salient feature of this mattress are:

1. Dual side usable mattress and have option to choose either side according to individual comfort and preference

2. Premium knitted fabric for better aesthetics

3. Extra quilting on both sides for better cushioning

4. 3 years attractive warranty

5. Fitment on all corners for attractive packing and protect from undue damages

  • Combination of hard and normal PU foam makes it usable on both sides with different level on comfort on each side

  • 1. Hard foam 28D layer on one side to provide adequate support to your body

  • 2. PU foam layer 28D on other side provides cushioning as per the requirement of the user High thickness PU foam layer in quilting gives an extra cushioning and soft feel due to the flexibility of PU foam

  • Comes in an attractive premium knitted fabric which is rich in look and appeal

  • Available in 3 sizes 10 cm, 12.5 cm & 15 cm

  • Attractive 3 year warranty

Multiple Foam Layers

Combination of hard and normal PU foam makes it both side usable with different level of comfort on each side

Premium Knitted Fabric

Attractive premium knitted fabric gives the best aesthetics and enhances overall look and appeal

Enhanced Comfort

High thickness PU foam layer in quilting gives extra cushioning and soft feel due to flexibility of PU foam

Three Year Warranty

Comes with an attractive three year warranty for quality assurance and customer satisfaction


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