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Updated: Mar 17

As we are entering the new decade, wishing you all a happy new year. In this occasion, we are happy to announce the introduction of Sleep Grande - The Seven Zone Spring Mattress, innovative addition to the healthcare segment.

Sleep Grand - The Seven Zone Spring Mattress is the outcome of our research on the science and ergonomics of sleep.

While sleeping, the support required for our body at different zones is not the same. It is because of the different weight proportion of each body segment. This is more critical when we consider the need for maintaining the natural shape of the spine while sleeping.

We designed the Seven Zone Pocket Spring system according to the different zones of the body. It supports & comforts your body shape accurately. It holds you from head to toe and gives you a very comfortable sleep.

The features of Sleep Grande:

1. The Core of Sleep Grande is constructed with pocket springs of different support factors arranged as seven zones and hence it is called as Seven Zone pocket spring mattress

2. Sleep Grande has unique styling.

3. The Top Cover is made of Soft Knitted Fabric.

4. All four sides of the mattress is strengthened with firm Polyurethane Foam to give support while sitting and sleeping at the edge of the mattress.

5. The side cover of the mattress is made with upholstered fabric for durability and strength.

6. The bottom cover of the mattress is made of canvas fabric with unique stitching pattern to give more friction and durability.

7. Sleep Grande is offered as 15 cm thickness, but actual thickness is higher than 15 cm

8. Sleep Grande mattress is available in customized sizes also.


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