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Sitso Sofa | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 20

Godrej Interio is happy to introduce Sitso sofa – a unique sofa mid back sofa with intricate striped stitching lines at back rest. Elevated from the ground , this sofa has excellent fit and finish with symmetrical stitching lines which adds elegance and sophistication. Available in 1 seater , 2 seater and 3 seater in blue shade in polyester fabric , these cool tones bring a natural feel to the space. The upholstery is crafted with a special type of knitted fabric with smooth texture which exhibits a cool feeling to the body. Soft foam at seat and back along with smooth rounded armrest adds to comfort. Also to add to delight, we are offering three years warranty.

Hence unwind and relax in Sitso sofa without compromising the comfort and style in this festive season with your friends and family.

Filled with elegance and sophistication, our sitso sofa captures a personality that is unique and emphasizes incredibly on attention to detail. Sitso’s unique silhouette redefines any space and makes a bold statement.

A contrast between the wooden legs andintricate striped stitching showcases an added luxury. Unwind without sacrificing style and comfort with our Sitso sofa.

The cool tones bring a natural feel to the space in which you may place the sofa the solid colour complimenting the bold quilting detail.


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