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Shine Chair | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 29

Godrej Interio SHINE is a range of chairs with same shell design in different size marks and varying under structures.

  • Shine Universal (SM4 & SM 6)

  • Shine Loop (SM6)

  • Shine Elevate HS1& HS2 (SM6)

  • Shine Junior (SM3, SM4, SM6, & SM6)

  • Shine 360 (SM6)

These various under structures define the purpose and the application of the chair. The Shine range is a versatile platform-based product range serving the needs of multiple applications and segments through a huge variety of offerings fit for its use and compatibility requirements. The shine range can be used in education institutions, office cafes, guest and public zone seating, training rooms or even work from home.

Target market segment:

  • Café, canteens, waiting zones, guest seating in Indian Corporates, PSU, SME, Government.

  • Café, canteens, interaction zones, banquet seating, support staff in MNCs,

  • Educational Institutions: café, canteens, waiting zones, guest seating, library, computer labs, activity zones, classrooms and training rooms.

  • BFSI: Waiting zones, guest seating, café, canteens, supporting staff.

Shine Universal :

Shine Loop :

Shine Elevate :

Shine Junior :

Shine 360 :

Product differentiation:

Design: The petal designed shell offers performance and aesthetics. The chairs have unique

designs which offers a pleasing visual when the chairs are kept together in large number.

The shell is designed in such as way that there are no rib projections, and hence a cleaner

look from the back.

Safety and Comfort: The shell has a wrap around contour with wide lower back which

ensures high comfort as well as safety foe the user. The back profile tapers and curl down

which ensures free movement of arms. The shell has no sharp edges which ensures safety.

Grab zone at the top: The intuitive top edge grab zone which curls down like a rose petal

offers wide hand support zone without feeling the pressure of the edges while lifting.

Stackability: The Shine loop and shine universal can be stacked chair on chair which ensures

that the space can be optimally saved when the chairs are not in use

Ganging Feature: The Shine Loop chair have the ganging feature which allows multiple

chairs to be locked linearly. The shoes of the Shine loop is designed to have this feature

Availability of various size marks: The shine chairs are available in various size marks. Shine

Universal is available in SM4 and SM6. Shine Loop, Elevate HS1 & HS2 and Shine 360 are

available in SM6, the Shine Junior is available in SM3, SM4, SM5 and SM6. This ensures that

the shine chair range is available for all types of user profiles

Sound damper: The sound damper bumbers below the seat ensures less vibrations and

shaking on the shells

Product to be promoted at:

Shine Universal: café, canteens, waiting zones, guest seating, library, computer labs, activity


Shine Loop: interaction zones, banquet seating, guest seating, library,

Shine Elevate HS1& HS2: Labs, sit-stand work / interaction zones, high tables, kitchen tables

Shine Junior: Classrooms, training rooms

Shine 360: Multi-purpose office chair for support staff, Partial Work from Home, Study from



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