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Scout Pro Recliner ( Product Upgradation ) | Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 17


Product upgradation is the strategy that many companies adopted and created many iconic products. From mobiles to automobiles companies upgrade their offerings to add value to their products and increase revenues. We have upgraded and enhanced Scout to Scout Pro with the addition of value added features and also implemented the correctives in Scout Pro recliner. Also, we are introducing Scout Pro in two new shades - Earth (Brown shade ) and Ocean (Blue shade) which are warm, vibrant and inviting to lighten the surroundings. We can confident that with this correctives and change in upholstery, the volume and growth momentum of Scout Pro will surge ahead.

Correctives implemented in Scout Pro.

Change in Upholstery : There was a major feedback from customers that black spots appearing at headrest in the existing fabric which is perceived as a defect but actually it is the property of the fabric. This has caused a major dissonance among the customers. We have changed the fabric to a new variant of micro fibre (fab leather) in Earth and Ocean shade which will eliminate this problem.

Change in Mechanism : Feedback received that the present mechanism is hard and it is difficult to operate by aged persons. In Scout Pro , the mechanism is smooth , noiseless and effortless with hugger mechanism which can be placed at 6 inches away from the wall at maximum inclination.

Sagging in back cushion after seating : In Scout Pro, the entire back cushion is fully supported to the outermost height by increasing backrest height and changing the angle. So, this will lead to elimination of sagging of top cushion

Also we are offering 3 years of warranty and there is no change in price. Also there is no change in dimension of the product .


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