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Reserve Plus Low Half Height Storages | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 30

Introducing Godrej Interio Reservle Plus Low Half Height Storages with an option of Standing tables & planters which can not only be used as storages but as zone dividers as well.In contemporary business environments, an emphasis on designing employee-centric, practical, and optimized spaces is essential for enhancing productivity and well-being.

The increasing demand for flexible workspaces persists, even as cloud storage reduces reliance on physical documents. Its significance remains paramount, even in today's technology-driven landscape, due to the growing requirement for adaptable workspaces.

While paper storage diminishes, the need for personal item storage remains high, underscoring the importance of elevating personal storage in workplace design.

Repurposing traditional file storage to serve multiple functions enhances office layouts, fostering dynamic work environments.

Storage is no longer a secondary consideration but an integral element, vital for a functional workspace.

Like personal space, storage has evolved from a 'nice-to-have' to an essential component, regardless of location.

The transformation of office layouts to accommodate team spaces and collaborative zones has amplified the need to rethink office storage solutions.

Augmenting our Gain Pro range of full height storages, we proudly introduce the complementing Low Height Storage Range RESERVE PLUS.

With a broader purpose than mere storage, Reserve Plus freestanding units can serve as effective zone dividers within the office, delineating distinct areas. Its Contra-facing units, available in various heights, can be customized with planter tops to promote biophilic elements, and they can even double as extended, standing-height workbenches with sleek overhanging tops.

The platform also comes with the option of opaque metal shutter, glass door shutter, open shelf units, lateral filing cabinets, standing tables and personal locker units for layouts with dynamic workflow.

In addition to being versatile, the platform also supports multiple keyless locking options like numeric, digital and RFID.

Product Name:


Product category:

Low height Aisle storages and Lockers

Product Description:

Reserve Plus is a versatile low-height storage range suitable for new age, flexible and collaborative office storage needs. It offers various storage options, including open shelves, hinged door units, glass door units, lateral filing units, and personal lockers. Flexibility is enhanced with standing tables while accessorizing with the top mounted planter units

provide biophilia to the space. Multiple lock choices, such as numeric, digital, and cam locks, are available for all variants, and RFID locks can also be provided in personal locker units.

Target Market segment:

Reserve Plus is a product that is to be positioned in the Indian Corporates, Private and MNCs, SME and Educational Institution segment. Combination of multiple units can be used to create the offering that is required in the open office floor. It is our indigenous design and manufacturing that enables us to promote the Make in India requirements in the market also.

Product Differentiation:

1. Lateral connectivity: Within a configuration of multiple storage units, each carcass is

interlinked with its adjoining units, ensuring a steadfast alignment throughout the product

lifespan. This allows for lateral attachment of any storage unit, including standing tables,

fostering collaborative and adaptable workspaces. The contra-facing design enables dualsided access while effectively optimizing the available storage space.

2. Configuration Variety: The product range encompasses an array of configurations, spanning from low-height open storage units without shutters to hinged door units and lateral filing units that seamlessly integrate with standing tables. Shutter options include both opaque metal and glass variants, catering to diverse office environments.

3. Multi-point keyless lock options - Beyond conventional multi-point cam locks, the Reserve

Plus platform offers cutting-edge multi-point keyless locking mechanisms, including numeric

and digital options. This elevates the security of keyless storage units to match that of

traditional cam lock systems.

4. Handle-Free Shutter Design – The platform design provides a versatile aesthetic that

seamlessly harmonizes Reserve Plus with any interior theme. Moreover, the absence of

protruding handles allows for the utilization of these storage units even within confined

layouts, eliminating any elements that encroach upon aisle space.

5. Personal locker units: Tailored for offices where mobility is prevalent, the low height-aisle locker units offer a range of locking choices, from cam locks to numeric, digital, and RFID options. These lockers can replace dedicated individual pedestals, fostering more adaptable and collaborative office layouts.

Product certifications:

1. GreenGuard Certification

2. Indoor Advantage Gold – Furniture Indoor Air Quality (applied)

Product ideal solutions for :

1. Reserve Plus is an ideal solution for corporate offices and multinational organizations seeking to foster collaborative and adaptable workspaces within contemporary office environments.

2. Co-working spaces can leverage Reserve Plus flexibility to accommodate diverse businesses and individuals sharing a workspace, providing versatile storage solutions.

3. Reserve Plus due to its neutral aesthetic and design versatility can be promoted to designers and architects seeking versatile storage solutions for clients.

4. Educational institutions, including schools and universities, can utilize Reserve Plus to create organized storage solutions for project labs and classrooms that meet the needs of students and staff.

5. Shared workspaces and start-up incubators can utilize Reserve Plus to promote adaptability and collaboration, enhancing workspace efficiency.




Evolved storages for evolved needs…. RESERVE PLUS STORAGE RANGE

RESERVE PLUS Storage Range has a variety of elements

That can be connected to create more open, productive layouts

RESERVE PLUS Storages seamlessly integrates into the workspace

Flexible to adapt the changing work arrangements

RESERVE PLUS storages double up as space dividers as well as personalized storage spaces

For better space efficiency without compromising the personal space

RESERVE PLUS offers improved security for open office layouts

Comes with 3-point locking mechanism makes it difficult to tamper with and force open the storage, and can be availed in Cam, Digital, Numeric and RFID lock configurations as well.

RESERVE PLUS storages blends seamlessly with the overall look and feel of the workspace.

Reserve Plus storage range integrated handles and colour schemes make it possible.

All shutters are with soft closing hinges to provide finesse to the storage operations.

Reversible Layout Possibility to effectively use the available space

Makes RESERVE PLUS storages flexible to be accommodated while being installed in the workspace.


Certified with GREENGUARD certification, RESERVE PLUS STORAGES add to sustainability of the workspace.

RESERVE PLUS Storages Range Offerings

Open Shelf Units


Fluid And Interactive Environments

Today’s agile working means employees are no longer tethered to the desk giving rise to the need for flexible workspaces. With purpose beyond storage, Reserve Plus can be used as freestanding units which act as zone dividers, creating defined neighbourhoods and interactive spaces for more dynamic workflows.

Standing Tables

Instead of transporting items to and from storage areas to workstations, Reserve Plus offers the convenience of integrating high tables into the storage layout. Like an impromptu discussion space to foster fluid workflows.

Add-on Planters

Reserve Plus comes with the option of an add-on planter box which can house 8”—10” diameter pots. Indoor plants create a sense of well-being by bringing in nature into the space.

Workstation Lockers

Reserve Plus includes a set of low-height personal locker units

for aisle application. These lockers units support not only regular Cam Lock but also key-less locking options like Numeric, Digital, and RFID.

Modular And Versatile Application

Pair Reserve Plus modular units in a unique manner to add personality to your space while maximising floor space. The system's homogeneous aesthetic gives it a sleek look that blends in with any brand colour, interior style or furniture arrangement.

Choose from an array of configurations – place them together as open shelf displays or alternate them with hinged shutters, and filing cabinets. Units can be accessorised with planter tops or simply collectibles, books and fresh greens.

Cam Lock

This much sought-after common locking solution comes in a compact size and can be provided in metal, as well as glass & wooden shutters. Equipped with a click action mechanism and easy key removal in both locked and unlocked positions. Available in all variants of Reserve Plus.

Numeric Lock

Reserve Plus’ 4-digit combination numeric locks allow for keyless operation, while providing a master key for management override. Ideal for individual users, and comes with 9999 numeric combinations for added security.

Digital Lock

With 4.2 billion combinations to choose from, Reserve Plus’ digital locks are security personified. Allows easy keyless operation, and is suitable for shared, personal, or assigned use. Comes equipped with a micro-USB slot for power bank support.


Where your access card is the key! Reserve Plus’ RFID locks enable secure keyless operations, via key cards. Suitable for shared, personal, or assigned use.

3-Point Locking Mechanism

Reserve Plus come installed with 3-point locking mechanism that additionally secures the top & the bottom of the door, unlike the single point locking mechanism that secures only the point of placement of the lock. Reserve Plus’ 3-point locking mechanism makes it difficult to tamper with and force open the storage, and can be availed in Cam, Digital and Numeric lock configurations as well.

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