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Reflection Reception Table | Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 11

Godrej Interio is pleased to present REFLECTION – The reception table range to you all.

Godrej Interio Refection - Reception Table comes with a lot of thought put into its design and uniformity of features across all its variants.

The colour scheme is also selected to gel with most of the trending interior themes.

The reception of your office is a reflection of what your organisation stands for. If your reception looks contemporary, premium, professional and organised, the same is attributed to the rest of your organisation as well. That's why we have designed the perfect product that’ll make your reception the shining star of your office space — The Reflection Reception Desk.

Inclusive Design For Visitor Comfort

The two levels of the table space enable seamless interaction with standing visitors, and with those with special needs.

A Biophilic Colour Scheme

The Reflection reception table comes with a biophilic colour scheme that mirrors natural

materials, making your office space feel more timeless and classy.

Product Description :

The REFLECTION range of reception desks is designed to serve as key greeting elements for reception and entrance lobbies. It aims to mirror the contemporary image of modern offices and institutions, complemented with its prudent functional design to maximize comfortable usage for the visitors as well as the receptionists. REFLECTION comes in three forms: a 5 feet long linear desk for ergonomic usage by a single receptionist; a more spacious 8 feet long linear desk which can cater to the needs of up to 2 receptionists; an 8 feet L shaped desk (3 feet connected return unit) for added counter & storage space. The table has inbuilt provisions for wire management as well as integrated storage unit. All three sizes follow the same aesthetic direction, bringing a fresh makeover to present day receptions.

Market segment:

Reflection reception desks are designed for the Private corporate, Government and PSU Sector. They will also be an appreciated offering for the IT and SME segment, where the organization want a simple and ready to use offering that can serve the requirements of a reception desk while offering a contemporary look also.

Product Differentiation:

1. Ergonomically designed for comfort to users as well as visitors: Ergonomic standards has been followed for all areas including platform heights and clear leg-space width w.r.t. number of intended receptionists.

2. Inclusive design: Unlike Conventional reception desks which only allow people of a certain height in standing condition to clearly interact and make eye-contact with the operator, Reflection desk’s extended non-enclosed worktop provides a window for people in wheelchairs & children to connect making it a completely inclusive design for all.

3. Activity based worktop space allocation: Worktop space have been arranged and sized keeping in mind typical usage scenarios involving desktops, landline phone, printers, etc. Space in which the raised interaction platform is created is used effectively from the inside for additional cubby space and organizing plates.

4. Integrated Wire Management – Well routed and provided components like Access flap, power box and vertical wire riser inbuilt with the table understructure give a complete wire management solution in the desk.

5. Integrated Storage – Storage units of a drawer and Hinged door inbuilt in the table provide for basic safe storage required for the receptionist. Bag Hook for hanging of bags provides a neat place helping keep the table tops clutter free.

6. Biophilic colour scheme: The colour scheme which is a blend of stone and wood designs of laminates, make this colour scheme blend with the surrounding biophilic interior setup.

7. Company branding Space: Space provision for attaching the company branding is also provided in the reception desks.

Product certifications:

• GreenGuard Certification

• Indoor Advantage Gold – Furniture Indoor Air Quality

REFLECTION reception desks has contemporary design to serve as a key greeting element for the new age institutions and offices.

Ergonomically designed to maximize comfortable usage for all its users

REFLECTION is available in 3 variants:




Integrated storage with well allocated spaces for clutter free working area :

  • The desks come with integrated drawer and hinged storage.

  • The raised area provides cubby storages for easy storing of stationaries.

  • Metal organizer plate provided on the recess areas allow provision for sticking notes and reminders using magnets.

  • Bag hook(s) are provided below the work top to take an extra step towards a clutter free

  • workspace.

  • Vertical wire riser for taking wires from floor to the power box

  • Access flap on the worktop to for using the power box.

A Biophilic colour scheme that mirrors natural material like wood and stone : Riviera

Oak & Greystone Dark

Ample space provide for projecting organization identity and brand insignia : Greystone Dark


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