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Reason Office Workstation | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 23

Reason is a premium desk based system. It is designed by Roger Carr of RADAR designs, UK. Reason offers Benching solutions, return units, sit stand units, overhead storage units and option of height adjustable worktops.

Open plan office system (OPOS), desk based modular workstation system.

Reason is a Global design which is Indian at heart. It combines unique understanding of Indian consumers with global looks.

1. Work practices are evolving at a very fast pace where team skills and expertise’s are valued. Collaboration has become a part of this global workspace. The sit stand unit in Reason provides the space for impromptu meeting which arise in such collaborative work profiles. Also the,unique designer Reason storage with cushion provides the seating required if the workstations are required to be converted to meeting spaces. Reason is the perfect solution for collaborative workspaces.

2. People from all over the globe are now working in these Indian firms but most of them end up with physical discomforts due to wrong ergonomics at workplace. The height adjustable worktop provides proper ergonomic height for the persons with varying heights to work comfortably, harnessing wellness @ work.

3. Neat and wire clutter free workspace is a inherent need of any Indian workspace and with the unique solution of the cable riser & cable tray the wire could be kept out of sight. For higher wire requirements the cable wall provides ample solution for concealed wire management.

4. Culturally Indians respect the modesty and privacy of all Individuals. Reason Mobile net fabric screen provide the required privacy required to confine the space when it is converted to collaborative spaces.

5. Also modesty panels on aisle side workstations and cable wall in shared workstations provides the privacy that every individual would want in an Indian workspace scenario.

6. Personalization of the workspace can be done with the help of the huge variety of fabric and metal colours options that could be provided for the Reason system components.

This Workstation can be given at :

1. Reason is for clients who are willing to invest in their offices to get good overall aesthetics.

2. Aspirational Indian Corporates.

3. Offices that require high amount of collaborative working.

4. Architect has a higher authority in the project to finalize the furniture.

5. Should not be promoted for enquiries with stand alone height adjustable tables and for

workstation integrated with tile based system with height adjustable table tops.

6. Reason is not for the people for whom buying is price driven for eg. IT, ITES etc.

Reason is our attempt to have Desking solutions at par with the Global leaders namely Steelcase, Herman Miller and Haworth. Lot of MNC’s which use these vendors abroad may not be willing to change their furniture brand when in India due to their global rate contracts. However there are large number of Indians Corporates and SME’s who want to be like these MNC’s; they want to compete at the global level. They want their offices to look like any MNC office that they have seen on their visits abroad. They aspire for global

systems but do not have the budgets to pay for them. Reason is perfect natural fit for such customers. Additionally Reason can also fit into those MNC’s which want good furniture but their India operations do not have the budget to afford top global players. Reason is aesthetically at a design platform that is acceptable to the architects. Reason is not a price leader.


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