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Radiance Bookrack | Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 11

In days of the internet, when technology is being used rampantly for gathering information, the importance of reading is still being treasured by educational institutions and learning places.

As rightly said by the learned ‘ What is a Bookrack other than a treasure chest for curious mind ’, every library and learning space needs bookracks for proper organisation of its books and reference material.

To cater to such needs, Godrej Interio is pleased to introduce our new Bookrack – RADIANCE – Robust, Efficient and Purposeful solution for this application.

The Radiance bookrack has been designed on the Platform of our new optimizer plus, which makes it Robust, Reliable, and competitive and betters our earlier offering for libraries.

Godrej Interio Radiance Bookrack is a shelving system that is the most robust shelving solution with aesthetics suitable for modern libraries and office While it is primarily a metal shelving unit, it has options of wooden cladding to blend with most interior themes. It is available in 4 different width options with wall sided and double-sided unit variants to select from. It can be accessorized with bookends and roll out shelfs to enable better material structuring possibilities.

Product category:

Metal Shelving storage for Books.

Radiance is a product that is to be positioned in the Higher education institutions and universities, K-12 education institutions, public and private libraries, Media centers and reference libraries in office spaces etc.

Product Differentiation:

1. Robust construction with light and modern aesthetics – The shelving units provide load carrying capacity of 80 kg UDL per shelf. The tie rod back panel give a lighter feel to the bookrack.

2. Cross Wire detail for back panel – Radiance back panel is strengthened with adjustable cross wires tie rods. The adjustment ensures perfect tension and rigidity, imparting better stability to the shelving unit.

3. Wide storage shelves – With Higher Storage unit width, increased space for storage per unit can be achieved.

4. Wooden clads – Along with the metal finish, option of 2 wooden clads for the Book rack makes it ready to match with most of the interior setup scheme.

5. Wider Name tags for better indexing – The wide name tags on the units enables better indexing of the contents in the book racks.

6. Useful Accessories - Accessories like the roll out shelf provide the much-needed immediate surface to keep and reference to books and reading material.

7. Wider selection of sizes and units - Radiance bookrack can be offered in multiple body options from single to 4 bay in both Wall sided as well as double sided variants.

Certifications :

1. GreenPro Certification

2. Indoor Advantage Gold – Furniture Indoor Air Quality

3. GRIHA Product catalogue listing

4. GreenGuard Certification

Radiance Book Rack _digital_catalouge _LowRes
Download PDF • 1.78MB


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