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Push Back Racking | Godrej Storage Solutions

Updated: Jan 21

Godrej Push Back Pallet Racking for warehouses is another form of dense storage system to utilize maximum ‘Storage Cube’. The sequence of pallet loading is done by pushing the first pallet back. Hence, except for first pallet, the loading of pallet is through “MHE Push”. However, the sequence of pallet availability for unloading is by gravity. For this purpose, the pallet carts are fitted with rollers. This racking has loading and unloading on the same end. Hence by default, this system operates on LIFO (Last In First Out). This system is designed to store pallets of multiple high and multiple deep. Each level shall be dedicated to one type of SKU only.


Suitable where quantity is less while SKU variety is not so Suitable to act as buffer storage area Adaptable to varying pallet / load heights Range of uprights and cart / roller designs to offer the best solution for any pallet size/load Compatible to most of the Forklift, Stacker & Reach Truck models Variety of Accessories are available to enhance safe pallet movement


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