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Pulse Chair Enhanced | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 20

Godrej Interio is glad to announce that the latest ‘updated’ version of Pulse Enhancement line has been successfully rolled out. The improved version of the Pulse Enhancement line offers not only better fit, finish and comfort, but also offers 6 new colours as standard offerings ( Aero/Cross/ Prime) .We have also made improvements in the lumbar support after benchmarking with international competition.

Fabric Changed to Knitted fabric (Same fabric used in Ace)

2 position tilt limit headrest ( Benchmarked with international competition, the headrest now correctly positions in the best comfortable angles )

The lumbar pad earlier had cushion upholstery which is removed in order to provided max comfort and support for the user. This is done after benchmarking with international competitions.

(Image shows prime chair back, but will be similar for Aero )

Top stitch added in the seat upholstery to improve the durability and strength.

Armrest hardness changed to improve better comfort ( No visible change in the armrest)

In a nutshell :

•Neckrest QC improvements are same all models ( Aero, Cross, Prime & Elite)

•Lumbar improvements are same for all models ( Aero, Cross, Prime & Elite)

•Arm rest hardness improvements are same for all models ( Aero,Cross, prime and Elite)

•Prime Chair is now offered in the same 6 colours Aero/Cross is available in ( Slide 4)

•Elite will only be offered in Black LC ( existing colour no change)


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