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Parto Plus Sofa - Upgraded | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 20

odrej Interio received feedback from sales team and channel partners that existing Parto sofa has reached in a stage of fatigue which needs to be refurbished and refreshed to enhance acceptability among customers. Taking this feedback, we have modified the sofa and relaunching as Parto Plus with many upgradations . In this new variant there will be two shade – Black and Tan Brown in synthetic leather . We have enhanced the aesthetic and comfort and the sofas now sleeker and smarter with improved fit and finish.


• Material : Syn Leather

• Shade : 1) Black 2) Tan Brown

• Thickness : 1 mm Frame :

• Material : Pine Wood

• Moisture content : 10 12 %

• Thickness of Plywood used : 12 mm & 18 mm

Seat Foam :

• Material : Slab stock

• Density : 32 kg/m3 at seat

Wooden Facia :


Back cushions : The cushions are filled with recron

• Material : Conjugated hollow fiber (recron)

Webbing :

• Material : Nylon

Legs :

• Material : PVC


• Syn leather upholstery which is easy to clean and also adds to the aesthetics

• Mid back sofa which offers support till shoulder

• Generous armrest which facilitates ergonomic body posture while seating. They provide ample space to rest arms comfortably in multiple postures.

• Soft foam for comfort and sinking feeling

• Demarcated seats which makes a statement.

• Elevated from the ground which facilitates ground clearance for cleaning

• Wooden element at armrest adds to the character of the sofa

• Solid wood structure which enhances sturdiness and longevity of the sofa


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