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Pangram Sofa | Godrej Interio

After  Highrolla and Zompy Adv – a new addition  of standard and sectional (L shaped)  sofas in Essential  Range  - Godrej Interio is please to introduce PANGRAM Sofa. Seating units which can be customized as per the configuration and size of the room.  This range is designed to be Ultra-contemporary with a variety of seating options. Irrespective of the size of the space, Pangrams module can easily fit in to create a comfortable seating experience. Endless configuration possibilities along with flexible arrangement allows  to adapt the sofa to satisfy evolving needs and preferences.


In conventional sofa, we have 1 seater, 2 seater, 3 seater and L-shaped – each standalone units in specific dimension and form and there is no scope of expansion. But in  Pangram -  as it  can form numerous combinations from  love seats, straight line  to sectional sofas along with standalone units. Excellent fit and finish with superior stitching lines  and craftsmanship  which makes it  a sophisticated choice, available at a very affordable price.


In Pangram, apart from Standard 1 seater, 2 seater and 3 seater,  there are 2 seater LH and RH  and 3 seater LH and RH with one side wooden finish armrest. The armrest has storage

option on the outer side , which makes the product functional. The membrane finish armrest which serves as a platform for placing mugs, cell phone, laptops, tablets etc. This also provides a comfortable and ergonomic landing for resting your arms comfortably in multiple postures.  Standalone  corner tables enable to form a linear sectional sofa (L shaped sofa). Coffee table which can be used

separately which has storage to accommodate daily essential items. Two tone upholstery in fabric (Dark Brown + Taupe) and (Taupe + Dark Brown) make the product elegant, vibrant

and refreshing.


Enjoy this festive season with your friends and relatives with PANGRAM SOFA to sink into its plush embrace and transform any room into an elegant haven of relaxation and togetherness.

Pangram invites you and your family to sink into its plush embrace, transforming any room into an elegant haven of relaxation and togetherness.

Pangram offers a delightful choice of two contrasting color options, allowing you to tailor its appearance to your preferences and interior decor. Whether you prefer the classic sophistication of deep charcoal or the inviting warmth of creamy ivory.

Multiple Configurations

combined with its versatile configuration capability, ensures it adapts effortlessly to your evolving needs and preferences.


• Elegant Wooden Accents:

Enjoy the sophisticated touch of wooden finished armrests that are not only visually appealing but also easy to clean.

• Smart Storage Solutions:

Experience the convenience of ample storage space cleverly tucked away in both the armrest, Centre table and corner unit, keeping your living space clutter free.

• Luxurious Fabric:

Feel the luxury of our high quality fabric, carefully chosen for its durability, comfort, and style, ensuring your sofa looks and feels great for years to come.

• Tailored Comfort:

Customize your seating experience with loose cushions that adapt to your personal comfort preferences, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

• Endless Configuration Possibilities:

Unleash your creativity with multiple configuration options that let you build your sofa to suit any room or occasion, making it truly versatile.

• Flexible Arrangement:

Explore the freedom of versatile arrangement capabilities, allowing you to adapt your sofa to your evolving needs and preferences.

• Effortless Cleaning:

Maintain a clean and tidy living space with a sofa that boasts a moderate ground clearance, making it a breeze to clean beneath, ensuring your home is always spotless.


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