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Nyx Mattress | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 20

Godrej Interio is very delighted to launch yet another addition to our spring range of mattresses – Nyx Mattress. Nyx is a pocket spring mattress specially designed keeping in mind and aimed at giving a relaxing sleeping experience and utmost comfort to anyone who has the pleasure of using it. All this at an affordable price point! The pocket spring core has a good quality in house manufacturing polyurethane foam border which gives it good air flow and optimal adaptation to the body shape.

Today, the acceptance of spring mattress is growing among our customers. As the trend shows its growing in a higher rate than any other material. Because of its ability to give higher comfort and support to the body along with high durability makes it more and more acceptable to our customers. Hence we are adding more models in the spring category, which are differentiated from the market based and fit in an affordable price range. This is our in-house manufactured mattress and which stands for good quality and durability and Godrej stamp value for assurance.

Some features of this mattress include:

  • Combination of soft and medium firm PU foam ensuring the best comfort while sleeping

  • Unique dark-colour combination which is different from our existing products to cater to allcustomer tastes & preferences

  • Welcoming & soft knitted top cover on the sleeping side for the best comfort

  • An attractive 5 – year warranty


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