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NX Advance Safes | Godrej Security Solutions

Updated: Mar 9

Godrej Security Solutions is excited to introduce our latest addition to Home Lockers 100X portfolio – the "NX Advanced series", a high-volume safe designed with cutting-edge technology and intelligent features. This new addition has been designed to meet the demands of homeowners seeking ample storage space for their valuables.

Product Features:

  • Classic, robust, and stylish modular design

  • Adjustable shelf arrangement

  • Built-in I-Buzz alarm system

  • Hidden Compartment

  • Intelligent LED light.

  • Advanced Solenoid lock for top-notch security

  • Voice based acknowledgements for added convenience.

  • Unlock via Fingerprint, Digital Keypad & Ultra key.

  • Provision to set dual mode authentication for opening the safe to access valuables.

  • Biometric Lock can store up to 25 fingerprints.

  • Digital Lock supports 4-8 digit user codes and 6-digit master code

  • Emergency access via USB or key

  • Low battery alert feature

  • Lock Auto-freeze mode after 3 incorrect entries for numeric codes and 5 incorrect Finger scan entries.

  • External Power back-up vide USB port.


Product Accessories:


  • User manual

  • Hidden compartment key (2 qty.)

  • Top compartment key (2 qty.)

  • Emergency override – Electronic (2 qty.)

  • Ultra Main key (2 qty.)

  • Anchor bolt (4 qty.)


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