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Nelson, Mississippi and Tigris Motorized Touch Recliner | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 29

Godrej Interio introduces Motorized Touch Recliners :

  1. Godrej Nelson Touch Recliner

  2. Godrej Mississippi Touch Recliner

  3. Godrej Tigris Touch Recliner

It’s time to relax and rejuvenate. We all need some personal space aside from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Simply putting your feet up and having a power nap in a Motorized recliner has an incredible effect on reducing everyday stress and letting you recharge. For this, we are introducing new generation recliners – Nelson , Mississippi and Tigris which can be controlled by a touch of a button to any reclining position for personalized comfort. Mississippi is equipped with zero wall reclining mechanism that is it can be placed against the wall while Nelson and Tigris possess hugger mechanism that is needs to be placed against 6 inches away from the wall for maximum inclination. It is operated by touch button placed near the armrest.

Inspired from natural river stones, a paragon of elegance and comfort, this collision of technology and art brings a comfortable and smooth operating experience. Smooth, noiseless, effortless reclining mechanism which is operated by power through motor makes the product inviting and aspirational. Soft foam with sinking feeling with high backrest ensures super comfort feeling.

The new space touch recliner

Think as it as personal relaxation therapist

Touch Recliner Features

• Power controlled reclining to any position for personalized comfort

• Effortless movement from sitting to fully reclined within seconds

• Noiseless and stable base for smooth reclining operation

• Ultimate relaxation

• Soft and sinking feeling which engulfs the body

Godrej Nelson Recliner

Godrej Mississippi Recliner

Godrej Tigris Recliner

The maximum inclination of the recliner is 160 degree

Note : The mechanisms are smooth, noiseless and effortless and controlled by button placed near the armrest

As per study , recliners are the proven way to get rid of stress , backpain and neck pain. Also recliners ease tension from your spine by elevating you to a zero gravity position. With your feet raised to the same level as your heart, the strain on your vertebrae will be decrease to relieve the discomfort of back pain. Also because of touch mechanism, the recliner is smooth and effortless and ideal for aged persons to operate.


• Polyester fabric which gives a cool feeling to the body

• Recliner controlled by a touch of a button to any reclining position for personalized comfort.

• Smooth and noiseless reclining mechanism with can be adjusted at any angle as per the requirement of the user. Operated via motor which needs power connection. The maximum reclining inclination is 160 degree.

• Soft foam for comfort at seat with floating feeling

• High backrest with head support for comfort and relaxation which relaxes the spine area.

• Metal reclining mechanism which is powder coated ensures rigidity and longevity

• Excellent fit and finish with superior stitching lines and craftsmanship which is aesthetically appealing and inviting.


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