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Namaste - Training Room Furniture | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 22


Godrej Interio Namaste System is a Training Hall and Lecture Room Furniture which is platform based design with self closing seat & desk opening closing system for lecture theatre rooms, auditoriums as well as Corporate training rooms.

In an age of revolution, discovery and ever-evolving technology, the nature of education has evolved to much more than mere learning or teaching. No more are students merely absorbing education through a verbal delivery process. Expanding mindsets have created a corresponding change in the attitude and style of learning. Innovative and interactive ways of information flow have transformed learning by surfing, collaborative real time discussions, problem solving and more. The teacher's role has changed to one of a guide and mentor who stimulates the students to do their best.

We at Godrej Interio have recognized this change and welcome it with open arms.This is where Namaste becomes an integral part of the evolution of academic and information imparting institutions. Namaste's design is inspired by the warm attitude of welcoming hands folded in greeting. This also perfectly describes the personality of Namaste, which is completely IT enabled and hence it is welcoming in the transformation from an otherwise classical system.

Namaste is a lecture theater seating range meant to address the modern needs of education at an affordable price. It comes in 2, 3 & 4 Seater options and with in-built wire management.

  • Namaste with its unique form, offers foldable desks and seats that are easy to operate.

  • Foldable desks and seats are designed for space saving by creating walking aisle space when folded in. Ergonomic design maintains the correct distance between desk and seat that ensures correct posture while writing or using a laptop etc.

  • Easy plug and play feature built into the product enables use of laptops, LCDs, audio visual equipment more easily, facilitating interactive learning.

  • Namaste is offered as a set of front, middle & rear units. Middle unit can be offered in multiples as per seating capacity requirements. The Front Unit comes with a modesty panel for a uniform look. The Middle Unit is a combination of desk and seat with a common panel that helps optimize space. Also, the rear unit sports a back support for additional comfort.

  • Available in two trendy and lively color combinations to give the seminar room or lecture hall a youthful yet mature look.

  • Available in 2, 3 & 4 seater configurations.

Available in 9 Options :

  1. 2 seater with desk for front module.

  2. 2 seater with seat & desk for middle module.

  3. 2 seater with seat for rear module

  4. 3 seater with desk for front module.

  5. 3 seater with seat & desk for middle module.

  6. 3 seater with seat for rear module

  7. 4 seater with desk for front module*.

  8. 4 seater with seat & desk for middle module*.

  9. 4 seater with seat for rear module*.

*Four seater is combination of 2 sets of 2 seater with share clad in between.

Product Specifications:


-The understructure is made with steel ERW tube section(IS:228) of size 80x40x2.5mm thick

with powder coat finish .

-Understructure consists of two welded leg assemblies connected by means of welded seat side tube assy and welded desk side tube assy on both sides.

-Sturdy anchoring by anchor bolts on to base of 10mm thk plate for proper resting of structure**.

-Plastic clad & shoe main clad made of glass filled 30% nylon-6 for covering anchor bolts.

B)Side clads:

Two side clads made of 35mm thk plt with 2mm thk pvc lipping.

Desk side clad made of 18mm thk plt & seat side clad &connecting clad made of 25mm thk plt .


-Desk has opening & closing mechanism by means of desk slider and slider sleeve made of 30% glass filled nylon-6.

-Desk comprises of plt desk with aluminium section anodized finish on to sides and TPE rubber on to aluminium section outer side for cushioning effect for desk opening closing.

-Desk made of 18mm thk plt fixed with aluminum extrusion on to sides for desk opening closing.


Seat has self closing mechanism which will operate by means of spring.

-Seat understructure is a combination of welded fabricated structure made of Ø19X2mmthk ERW tube with powdercoat finsih which is covered by 0.8mm thk sheetmetal cover and uphlosted with moulded foam inside and leatherite cover.

-Seat back comprises of ply with moulded foam upholosted inside & leatherite cover.

E)Wire carrier:

Wire carrier made of 0.8mm thk sheet metal for holding wire passings.

F)Switch box:

Switch box made of 1.2mm thk sheet metal for switch plate mounting suitable for anchor roma plates.

G)Front clad Mounting:

Front clad mounting made of 18MM thk plt with sheet metal cover and bracket for holding on to top and mounting box for holding of clad with seat side clad.

  • Foldable Seat The unique design offers fixed desks and foldable seats that are easy to operate, have a neat open look and save aisle space when folded in.

  • Plug and Play Easy in-built plug and play feature facilitates interactive learning, thus making the use of laptops, LCDs and audio visual equipment easier.

  • Grouted Understructure Grouted understructure assures you of sturdiness and fixed position thus ensuring organized lecture halls.

  • Cushioned Seats Comfort is assured through long hours of information sharing with cushioned seats that keep fatigue at bay.

  • Hooks For More Utility Hooks on the side of the desk allow for bags to be hung beside each desk for storage and easy access.

NAMASTE II ( Economical Version of NAMASTE I )

A platform based design with user assisted closing seat & fixed desk system for lecture theatre rooms, auditoriums as well as Corporate training rooms.The Seat will be Auto Tip Up like the Namaste I


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