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Motion Mesh Chair | Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is extremely excited to share that they are now adding to the Motion Range with our latest launch: Godrej Interio Motion Mesh Chair

Keep Moving now with Mesh.


Motion Mesh is our latest addition to the Motion Range. Built on the principles of Active Seating Motion Mesh is designed to encourage movement and engagement of the body's muscles while sitting. Unlike traditional static seating, which promotes sedentary behaviour and can lead to discomfort over time, active seating aims to promote dynamic sitting postures that support overall well-being.


Motion Mesh is equipped with the following features:

  • Flexi back technology for easy movement in the chair

  • Added breathability with the mesh.

  • Adjustable Lumbar support

  • Adjustable arms

  • Cantilevered seat for added flexibility and stretch during movement.

  • No complex controls


Motion Mesh is available in White and Grey body colour with 9 knitted fabric options.

The Motion Chair is a revolutionary ergonomic seating solution crafted to encourage users to engage in multidirectional movement, thereby promoting healthier sitting habits by discouraging static postures. In contrast to traditional static seating options that only allow movement along a single axis, the Motion Chair enables dynamic motion. It achieves this without the need for complex mechanisms, utilizing the inherent flexibility of its materials to provide adjustable support, facilitating effortless and natural adjustments in posture.

It is available in both White and Grey body colour with 9 colour options.

For Audience :

• IT/ITES and new age Start-ups

• MNC, Indian Corporates and co-working spaces

Positions :

•Purchase Head

•Purchase Manager

•Project Manager


• Motion Mesh embodies the essence of active seating, motivating users to stay in motion while seated. Featuring EasyFlex technology, it ingeniously utilizes advanced engineering plastics to provide remarkable flexibility and superior quality. This chair effortlessly ad

apts to the user's movements, eliminating the necessity for complicated mechanical controls.

• Its cantilever design seamlessly integrates the seat and back, allowing them to flex in harmony. This synchronized movement facilitates a dynamic range of postures, reducing strain on the back muscles. Motion Mesh prioritizes active seating principles, encouraging continuous movement.

• 3-Position Back Tilt Limiter: Offers the convenience of tilting the backrest into three comfortable positions to accommodate various tasks.

•Motion Mesh provides the additional breathability of Mesh along with an adjustable lumbar to provide back support for all.


The Problem:

• Sitting for long hours in one static portion is not good for you, what is recommended is movement.

• Study shows that people forget to move, so engrossed with their work that they forget to take break.

•We observed that users are so busy with their work that they cannot take frequent breaks.

The Solution:

•We therefore designed a mechanism and a chair which gives flexibility and movement even during seating.

• The chair has 3-dimensional movement which with simple lean on one side can transfer weight from one set of muscle to other set of back muscles.

•This is next best thing to getting and taking a walk which is recommend by doctors.

Modern offices strive to be visually light and spacious. Natural light, biophilic walls, open office structures all add to the sense of expanse. The Motion Mesh Chair has been designed for these new and contemporary spaces. The mesh keeps the chair easy on the eye, while ensuring air circulation during hours of work.

Motion Mesh Chair comes with EasyFlex, a revolutionary system that allows users to

move their bodies dynamically while seated. This system, with the hammock like comfort of

the mesh backrest, provides flexibility and an adjustable counterpressure, providing users

with an optimal back support in a variety of seated postures.


Motion's seat and back automatically flex in response to a simple lean on the side or

back, without the need for complex mechanical controls – so you can stay active even while you sit!


This chair with the Mesh backrest offers breathability and promotes airflow. With adjustable lumbar support, the mesh backrest conforms to the user’s body for improved comfort. The hammock feeling enhances flexibility and makes movement in different postures seamless. Ideal for prolonged sitting and maintaining proper posture.


This chair makes working long hours easy on your spine, shoulders and the rest of your body.

The unique design comes with a highly evolved construction using hi-tech compounded engineering plastics, high-resilience polyurethane foam, high-stretch mesh polyester fabric and powder-coated metal parts.


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