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Mezzanine Warehouse System | Godrej Storage Solutions

Updated: Jan 21

Godrej Mezzanine floor system for warehouses which is Column based is a light weight steel flooring system provided at a suitable height from ground. Vertical columns which are grouted support the grid created by the horizontal beams on which decking panels are assembled.

The system could be configured to suit the layout of the room, taking into account pillar positions, door positions etc. The solution can also be designed for varying load capacities ranging from 500 kg/sqm to 1500 kg/sqm UDL.

The system consists of optimum sized modules and can be suited to match the total area on which the Mezzanine floor is required to be provided. The module size is designed to enable maximum area utilization under the Mezzanine floor. Column based Mezzanine system could be provided in standard heights ranging from 2.4m to 3m. Beyond 3m height, it has to be designed taking care of the additional stability requirements. Both single tier and two-tier systems can be provided depending on the height available which could almost double or triple your floor space.


Office space Storage or work area Supervision area etc.

Indian Design no. 249101

Features Space Utilization Godrej mezzanine floor helps you effectively utilize the height of the building, to meet your needs of increased space. Ease of Assembly Being a bolted structure, the system offers excellent interchangeability in tens of relocating it in future. Also it saves the hassle of obtaining legal permission from various Municipal Authorities unlike civil structure. Modularity & Upgradeability : The modular construction enables easy expansion in future, by just adding on additional beams and columns, without the need for any welding at site. Aesthetics : All the components are powder coated which make the system aesthetically appealing. Also pre-fabricated staircase and tubular railing suits the decor of the work/office area. Chutes : Inclined plane having guided passage where materials can be moved uni-directionally under gravity.


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