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Meadow Bed | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 23

Godrej Interio MEADOW Bed by Script

A bed that surprisingly createmore space than it occupies A bed that keeps you surrounded

with your favourite things A bed that helps you organise and declutter

The bedroom in the modern urban home is much more than a place for sleeping. Over the last decade, the bedroom has transformed into an expressive private space, reflecting the personality of its inhabitants in an intimate manner.

What does our research say?

• The bed is the focal point of the bedroom.

• The bed demarcates a space within a space and balances the entire room.

• The headboard is essential in setting the context of the room

• The bed and the back-wall interact with each other and set context of object in a space

The Bed: A Space to Rest and Unwind

The bed, in todays day and age, is as much a place to unwind as it is a place to rest. Many weekends are spent reading, binge watching, and relaxing on the bed.


A Space for My Favourite Things

The bedroom is also a place where people keep some of their favourite things; objects that have strong memories attached to them, maybe of travels to far off places or toys from ones childhood, photographs of family, fond memories, fun times, candles to set the mood and small planters that bring good energy.

Even though the bedroom is a private space, people curate it to resonate their aura, to recreate a sense of home, that many of us have moved on from.


To Declutter my Space The bedroom is a place where one needs the most storage, after the kitchen of course. Storage is to bedrooms what ovens are to patisseries. The storage helps keeps the bedroom organised and tidy.

Who is it for ?

Meadow is for everyone, but there are three kinds of people who will almost instantly fall in love with it. The aesthete, who spontaneously takes to Meadow’s clean straight lines, plane surfaces, and simple geometry. Meadow’s understated elegance, yet contemporary aura is what attracts the aesthete. The Functionalist, who is fascinated by the amount of storage in the bed system. From the moment the Functionalist sights Meadow, they are already filling in the blanks. Lastly, Meadow’s intuitive features, easy to access storage and the ability to declutter will appeal most to the Obsessive Compulsive Organizer, who likes to have everything in the right place.

8 Things that make Meadow a great bed!

• Contemporary Aesthetics

• Flexibility/ Customaizability

• High on Storage

• Easy Accessibility

• Personalisation

• Functional at its Core

• Easy to Clean

• Build Quality



STRUCTURE : Structure of the bed is made up of MS pipe and sheet metal with powder coating.

MDF PARTS : Side panels, headboard is made up of 18 mm MDF with PU coating. Tailboard is made up of 25 mm MDF with PU coating. The headboard further has a back painted glass panel attached onto the PU painted MDF.

PLT PARTS : The back storage, panels of the under storage are made of 18 mm PLT in a warm wood finish.

MATTRESS FRAME: Mattress frame is made up of metal with matching PLT of 9 mm over it to support the mattress.


FRONT PANELS: Door front, drawer front, bottom, top platform are made up of 18 mm MDF with PU painting. Inner panels are made up of 18 mm PLT. The front panel has a back painted glass with the pattern.


HINGES: Soft closing hinges ensure a safe and easy user experience. The simple and sleek design of the hinges harmoniously combines with the beds elegant form.

DRAWER SLIDES: Soft closing quadro slides are invisible and allow for a smooth action without any let or hindrance.


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