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Maverick V2 Sofa In Purple Shade | Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 17

Godrej Interio introducing an additional shade in Maverick V2 sofa in Purple shade in addition to our existing range to offer more variety to our customers. The fabric is in polyester with has a smooth texture and possesses soft touch and feel. Also this purple shade is vibrant, warm and refreshing which gels in any décor with ease.

Product :

Maverick V2 sofa which is inspired from the letter M. The combination of soft and restrained form creating valley and wedges invites user to retreat into the sofa . With carefully balanced proportions ,meticulous detailing, superior craftsmanship and soft plush comfort, this sofa stands out in living room and evokes a feeling of comfortable luxury. Elegant style , plush comfort, generous size and beautiful craftsmanship all integrated in this product .

Available in 1 seater, 2 seater , 3 seater, ottoman, LH chaise and RH chaise. Each unit is designed to suit the many needs and configurations of different layouts of living room. The geometrical line on the surface of the upholstery is in complete symmetry with excellent workmanship. The fiber enclosed jackets hidden behind the fabric adds to the comfort and soft feel of the sofa. The broad and generous armrest evokes a royal and grand look with extra wide arm support useful in long duration lounging. Soft foam at seat, which is embedded with pocket spring for superior cushioning and bounce back action. The legs are made of solid wood in natural shade which perfectly complements with the sofa and adds to grandeur and elegance.


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