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Solace LDRP Birthing Bed | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 20

Godrej Interio Healthcare is pleased to introduce its new range of Delivery/Birthing Beds – SOLACE LDRP Bed

Bringing a new life into this world is a miracle of nature, made a little simpler and safer with the combination of caregiver support and cutting-edge technology.

At Godrej Interio Healthcare, we have been focused on creating healthcare spaces that deliver safe, caring and healing experiences for the patient, family, and caregiver.

With Solace LDRP (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum) Birthing Bed, we look forward to making the journey of delivering a baby comfortable for the mother and efficient for the caregiver.

Solace is an electronically operated single solution for labour, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) phases. It caters to the demands of all stages of the birthing process with 2 variants on offer:

  • Solace Prime(Premium Model)

  • Solace Vital (Economy Model)

Solace is an electrically operated single solution for labour, delivery, recovery and postpartum phases with provision for motorized height, backrest & Trendelenburg adjustment. It caters to demands of all stages of the birthing process. Thoughtfully designed, the bed provides support for the mothers and facilitates efficient functionality for nursing staff.

Its flexibility and ease-of-use offers a practical, cost-effective solution for the modern, progressive labour suite while offering warm and cosy home-like comfort in professionally managed hospital rooms.

Solace comes with electronically operated Backrest, Height and TR to enable caregivers to quickly respond to the woman’s constantly changing health conditions during the procedure. Further, the Bed, with its versatile design and patient footrest, calf rest, handgrip, etc is equipped to accommodate a multitude of birthing positions, while ensuring safety and ease of shifting across positions at all times.

Figure 1: Birthing Positions

• During childbirth, ensuring the mother is comfortable at all times, and caregivers can support her needs efficiently is key for a smooth and safe delivery.

• Solace comes with electronically operated Backrest, Height and TR to enable caregivers to quickly respond to the woman’s constantly changing health conditions during the procedure.

• With its versatile design and accessories on offer such as patient footrest, calf rest, handgrip, etc it is equipped to accommodate a multitude of birthing positions, while ensuring safety and ease of shifting across positions at all times.

• Provision of following birthing positions – Lithotomy, Semi-recumbent, Supine, Side-lying & Squatting position

Patient autonomy and Caregiver efficiency

• Dedicated handset remotes are provided for mother and caregiver. This allows caregivers to easily make adjustments during delivery and labour. It also provides mother easy access and greater control on her position in the recovery and postpartum phase.

• Patient Remote (Optional): Allows adjustment of Backrest and Height

• Caregiver Remote: Allows adjustment of Backrest, Height, Trendelenburg (Head low), Electronic CPR, Underbed light.

• Single touch Electronic CPR button provided in case of emergency

• 360-degree adjustable Calf supports: The cushioned calf-supports are adjustable, allowing the mother to shift into a comfortable position. The cushioning ensures the calves remain well supported at all times

• Patient footrest: Firm footrests offer sufficient support to mother when in squatting position

• Hand Grips: A pair of hand grips for the mother to hold onto. This gives her a greater sense of safety and control.

3. Caregiver Focus

• Doctor’s Footrest: Offers stability and support while delivering the baby.

• One pair of angle indicators for headboards (2 nos. – 1 on either side of bed) make it easier for the nurse to assess the tilt of the bed.

• Manual CPR lever (1 on either side of the bed) helps the caregiver to bring the bed to CPR position in case of emergencies

• Sliding/Retractable Leg rests: The sliding feature allows for quick conversion from normal bed to delivery bed. Further, the retractable leg rests get locked when in extended position for safety. The design of the leg rest also keeps the caregivers safe and minimises any chances of aberration that may be caused while handling the leg rest.

• Accessory Rack: To hold leg section, mattress, footboard, footrests, lithotomy rods when not in use.

4. Fall Prevention

• Half coverage safety side boards provide increased patient safety and reduce chances of patient fall with smooth collapsible drop-down mechanism

• Under bed light helps assess the distance of the floor from the bed, assisting easy egress/ingress of the patient in the dark. This aids in early mobilisation of intensive care patients

5. Value Added Features

• TPE Bumpers provide excellent collision protection while manoeuvring the bed

• Mattress retainers along with provision of Velcro retainer straps provided for leg section mattress

• Minimal Transfer Gap for easy patient transfer from bed to stretcher

• Integrated Accessory Rails (2 no’s) provided to hold items like urine bag etc

• Four Provisions for I.V stand

• Liquid ingress protection IPx4 -Splash proof integrated control panels

• Clean Understructure: The bed under structure has high clearance of 160 mm to place any equipment below the bed easily

Smart features

• Restricted ATR movement: To keep the expecting mothers safe, a special software has been developed to disable the potentially dangerous ATR function in the bed. This feature was developed as a result of our extensive field research and interactions with numerous doctors. The research revealed the dangers of tilting the delivery bed in ATR, occurrence of serious patient accidents in the absence of leg support, raised backrest, and during instances when the bed is elevated to higher height.

• Synchronous Height-TR Mechanism: This smart feature has been designed with specially developed software and hall sensing actuators. This feature ensures that after Trendelenburg, when bed is brought back to horizontal position, height of the bed remains the same as it was before Trendelenburg. This provides safety and convenience to the caregivers while using other associated accessories and peripheral devices that may have been set at a specific height matching to the bed for ease of operation.

7. Infection Control

Hygiene is a key concern around new-borns and mothers recovering from labour and delivery. Solace, with anti-microbial materials, is designed for easy cleaning and minimizing infections. Especially in case of birthing, it is essential to maintain hygiene due to nature of procedure and secretion of fluids after each birth. Solace LDRP bed with the following features helps in controlling the bacterial exposure to the patient:

• 10 Litre capacity ABS make fluid bowl facilitates easy collection of birth fluids, ensuring high standards of hygiene.

• Headboard, Footboard and sideboards with antimicrobial property reducing the incidences of Hospital Acquired Infections

• The compact laminate lying surfaces are removable which helps in easier cleaning and maintaining hygiene

• Removable Headboard and Footboard for easy maintenance of the bed

8. Manoeuvrability

• Under bed clearance of 160 mm to place X ray equipment or any other patient monitoring equipment which go under the bed

• Central and directional locking: The central and directional locking mechanism makes bed handling easier. Nurse can choose to lock/unlock movements of the bed

• 125mm Single wheel diagonal locking castors offered in Solace Lite variant

• 125mm Twin wheel Castors – The robust and durable antistatic twin castors with central and directional locking provide unmatched ease of manoeuvring

9. High safe Working Load

Tested for Safe working load up to 250 kg

Patient load capacity – 185 kg

10. World Class Standards

IEC 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment: General requirements for safety and essential performance.

IEC 60601-2-52 Medical Electrical Equipment: Particular requirements for safety and essential performance of medical beds.

IEC 60601-1-2 Electromagnetic compatibility. (Requirements & Tests)

ISO 14971 Medical Devices: Application of risk management to medical devices.

ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes.

USFDA Certification

CE Certification – awaited

Segment Made for :

Solace LDRP Bed is functionally ideal for Birthing Centres and Maternity Care Centres where highest degree of patient care is required during birthing procedure.

It is therefore suitable for Labour rooms/suite and Private Birthing Rooms of High-end Private & Corporate Hospitals. It may also be suitable for Government owned Birthing centres which seek to provide a sophisticated level of patient care.

Optional Accessories:

• 2 section Solace LDRP Mattress

• Patient Footrests

• Accessory Rack

• Battery Backup

• Patient Remote Handset

• Lite IV Pole

• Infusion Pole

Standard Accessories:

• Adjustable Calf rests

• Caregiver handset

• Hand grips

• Fluid bowl

• Doctor’s footrest

Product to be promoted at:

• Where the customer gives priority to highest degree of Maternity Care: Delivery/Birthing centre units of Corporate Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Medical Research Institutes.

• As a solution for luxury high end birthing suites in premium hospitals


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