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Latitude L Shape Sofa | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 17

While seating on the sofa if the armrest is in left hand side it is LH while

If the arm is in right hand side it Is RH.

The image is in LH configuration


• Material : Half Leather

Touch Point in pure leather and non touch point in Syn leather

• Shade : Blue

• Thickness : 1 mm

Frame :

• Material : Pine Wood

• Moisture content : 10 12 %

• Thickness of Plywood used : 12 mm & 18 mm

Seat Foam :

• Material : Slab stock

•Density : 30D Hr soft + 28D

Back Foam :

• Material : Slab stock

• Density : 30D Hr soft + 28D

Head Rest :

• Material : Slab stock

• Density : 23D soft + 23D Soft

Webbing :

• Material : S spring + cross membrane

Legs :

• Material : SS

Features & Benefits

Pure leather upholstery Pigmented : Durableand ergonomically perfect for seating. The top grains of leather is clearly visible which adds to the aesthetics

Pine wood frame and plywood cross section at understructure : Longevity because of robust structure

S spring webbing with cross section : Provides bouncing back action for floating feeling

Softfoam at armrest and backrest : Superlative comfort with sinking feeling

Clean and symmetrical stitching lines : Evokes premiumness and sophistication

Adjustable headrest : High backrest which engulfs the entire body

Elevated from the ground : Ensures good ground clearance for cleaning

Benefits of Pure Leather Upholstery

• Leather stays cool in summer and warm in winter. This maintains a comfortable temperature which actually increases its elasticity Breathable

• No two hides are exactly same in same of aniline leather . Each hide has its own characteristics and different texture

• Leather has exceptional durability . Most experts rate the endurance of leather 4 to 5 times over fabric furniture coverings.

• Leather is extremely tear resistant and requires 400 lbs/181 kg of pressure to puncture

• Leather furniture is also burn resistant and does not require additional flame retardant treatments like those needed for upholstered materials.

• Leather does not crack or peel because it stretches and molds to the shape of the individual frame without sagging or losing form

• Leather is non allergenic, dust can easily be wiped away without the use of harsh chemicals.

• Leather ages gracefully with usage which is aesthetically more appealing .


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