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Updated: Jan 22

The bedroom in the modern urban home has grown into something more than a space to merely sleep. It has evolved into a space to share family time, spend alone time, relax after a

busy day at work, unwind with your pets, watch movies on the weekend, or socialize informally. The bed, as an integral part of this space, has also evolved in its inhabitation. Gone are the days when you only got on to your bed to sleep. Lagoon is a product that allows one to be as comfortable as possible, inhabit the bed as one desires. Lagoon attempts to redefine the concept of the conventional bedroom by providing a bed that

helps you relax and indulge in multiple activities. Create your very own lagoon in any space.

The large headboard that caters to aesthetic as well as functional needs. It acts as a screen giving sufficient privacy without a complete disconnect from the surroundings. The size and form of the headboard allows one to hang things or mount objects for added storage and easy access. It also has a fixed tapered cushion towards the bed which allows for

comfortable seating posture even on the bed due to its angle and placement.

Lagoon comes with two accessories that can be mounted on the headboard. They help give easy access to all your favorite objects. The entire space allows the user to customize his

environment based on need, preference and provides avenues of self expression without compromising on the core function of a bed.

Magazine rack : Magazines of immediate use can be placed on the rack that can easily be hung onto the headboard. It allows to neatly arrange magazines and books within easy reach.

Swiveling Desk let : the desk let gives the user freedom to use their laptop or tabs while in the comfort of their bed.

Long deep storage : User can keep pillows, bedsheets, quilts or a teenager may keep his bags. The storage comes with a soft down mechanism which helps avoid finger pinching. When closed it acts as a smooth long surface that allows one to keep objects or even use as

a bench.

Lagoon is styled on modern, minimal and functional design principles. Straight lines and subtle angles help in imparting a character and uniqueness to the bed. The bed is designed to blend in with modern the décor in urban homes. The form of the bed is predominantly linear with the tapered headboard adding an element of recall. The membrane boards and the upholstery bring in a softness with their rounded edges. The use of a neutral color with beechwood accent gives it a cozy yet stylish look.

Choice of material: Lagoon uses multiple materials not only to impart visual elegance but also to add functional benefits to the user. The understructure has been made in MS pipe giving the bed a robust and durable framework. The upholstered panels give soothing tactile feel to the bed and help in sound absorption making it convenient for the user to play movies and music without disturbing people around. The top surfaces of the storages use membrane to give a warm color of beech which is smooth to touch and easy to clean. The accessories are made in aluminum making them lightweight, durable and therefore easy to maintain. Lagoon is available in on e neutral navy blue polyester fabric with quilting in the back cushion. The fabric is combined with a warm beech wood membrane and white PU paint.

Lagoon Queen Bed

Removable Panels :


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