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Move Up Workstation - Height Adjustable Workstations | Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 9

Godrej Interio launches Move Up Height Adjustable Workstations

MoveUp is a Height adjustable modular furniture system that has options of benching as well as stand-alone height adjustable tables (HAT). It has two motor variants with a combination of three models of controllers ranging from Basic to the top variant which is a Bluetooth controller variant with its own associated mobile app. With its screen designs compatible with Upbeat it can be given in layouts that have a combination of static as well as height adjustable tables.

MoveUp is primarily for the Corporate and MNC segment where the organization aims at improving the work-health dynamics and offer better-quality work settings for its employees. It is our indigenous design that enables us to promote the Make in India requirements in the market also. The standard standalone modules can also be promoted for Work from home modules.

1. MoveUp height adjustable tables can be offered in bench clusters as well as individual

standalone modules. It can be offered for workstation areas, managerial cabins as well as

common areas like meeting rooms or breakout spaces.

2. MoveUp comes with choices for the selection of motor types, controllers, screen types, and accessories which can be chosen as per the needs and budgets of the user.

3. The footprint of the workstation is the same as the static workstation in linear clusters which enable seamless integration of the height adjustable tables in a combination layout.

4. The screens and other accessories which are in the line of sight (above the tabletop) are

designed to match the Upbeat workstations in such combination layout scenarios.

5. The design and manufacturing of the legs and understructure are completely Made in India, hence connects well with the Make In India National initiative too.

6. The design is such that many of the Design differentiated accessories for Upbeat can be used for MoveUp as well.

7. The wire management is thoughtfully designed giving the user adequate choice to either

have switch access above the worktop or conceal it below the worktop with easy access.

Product certifications:

1. GreenPro Certification

2. Indoor Advantage Gold – Furniture Indoor Air Quality

3. GRIHA Product catalogue listing

4. BIFMA Level Certification (applied)


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