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Habitat Office Workstations | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 23

Open plan office system (OPOS), low height, full height and mobile modular workstation solutions.

Godrej Interio Habitat is a complete offering for creating an office ecosystem. The elements of Habitat include the WISH Low height system, WALL full height, Mobile FOLD Tables, Media Unit – MiMo, ETHOS Task light, Mobile marker board screens along with mobile power posts.

Application Areas :

Habitat is for the Corporate Segment where design aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability of the product are valued (important). It is for those workspaces which are looking for Immediate Flexibility and re-configurability in the layouts, which, can be done by the user instantly as per their space utility requirements. It is not meant for the price sensitive customers like the IT/ITES segments.

Product Differentiation

1. Panels with glass screens above worktop level for the open and transparent look.

2. Mobile tables which can be reconfigured, folded and stacked horizontally as per the utility of the workspace.

3. High shelves which are fixed to the panel for accommodating the fixed peripherals, when the mobile table is

moved to form different configurations.

4. CPU hanger attached to the panel which clears up space on the floor while also keeps near the fixed panels.

5. Task light – floor mounting version for using it as per the need and requirement of the user.

6. Task light worktop mounted for worktops which are for fixed or focused worktops.

7. Task light with ambient light also for providing better ambiance to the office interiors.

8. Mobile marker board to complement the reconfigurable modules with folding table.

9. Mobile media unit – MiMo can be fixed with the monitor. Provision of the HDU is also given to store /hold the video conferring units. It comes with a provision of white board on the back of the mobile unit to double up as a marker board during real-time interactions.

10. Optional Gap at the panel Bottom. Panels could be with either raise panel construction or closed up to floor level.

11. Different varieties of glass finishes like Laminated colored glass, Ceramic printed glass as well as plain glass for the aesthetic as well as functionality.

12. Design integrated accessories like name plate, single and double sided shelf as well as the magnetic rail on the glass screen provided to accentuate the aesthetics and functionality of the workstation.

Product certifications available:

1. India Design Mark Certification

2. Indoor Advantage Gold – Furniture Indoor Air Quality

Product can be give at :

1. Organizations which work on various projects which are handled by different team – Team Based project working. Depending upon the team, the space setting need to be changed.

2. Where layouts are designed as per activity based working in which the user can amend his workspace as per the activity needed to be performed at that space.

3. Where the customer wants to create spaces that can be changed as per the needs and functionality of the users and is willing to pay for it.

4. Where the complete product needs to be design coordinate throughout the office layout.

5. Where the customer needs multi-utility spaces to create trend-setting working styles, like well-funded startups.



Available in a range of finishes and styles, they give the clean look and feel of a tile based system


Full Height Partitioning system that complements Habitat’s panels helps neatly partition office space while maintaining visual harmony

Connecting Shelf

It acts as a permanent station for desktops and other wired devices, allowing the Fold table to remain free and flexible to move around at all times

CPU Holder

Affixed on the panel, it keeps the CPU away from the table and out of the way. This way the table remains free to move around without being obstructed by the CPU or its wires

Fold Table

Mobile, foldable and stackable, it allows flexible work settings or can be stacked out of the way. It also doubles up as a board for post-its or as a white board when the finish permits

Mobile Marker Board

An essential accessory for brainstorming sessions and meetings. Also comes in handy as a space divider and a privacy screen. When not required, it can be neatly stacked away in a corner.


At once a mobile interactive media pod, marker board and storage, it is a convenient tool for enhancing impromptu virtual meetings and idea sharing sessions with technology

Task Light

Can be moved around with ease as settings change. Two light modes – ambient and task lighting - ensure the correct lux levels, no matter what the task or mood at work

Portable Power Post

Available in two sizes, it can be moved around the workplace as work settings change, ensuring connectivity on the go

Open Shelf

A minimal shelf that lets users personalize space without obstructing the mobility of their workstation


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