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Goldlust Sheesham Wood Bed & Riga Wardrobes - Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 17

Goldlust is made of Dura-Wood :

DURA’-ble WOOD: The natural wood that we use in our furniture range is inherently strong and hence ‘Durable’

ADEQUATELY SEASONED: Our Dura-wood is treated adequately before being used to make furniture making it highly resistant to termites and other insects

NATURAL APPEAL: The rustic charm of the fascinating patterns of grains & fibers, immediately adds warmth to surroundings and blends the house with nature

EASY MAINTENANCE: DURWA-WOOD does not demand heavy maintenance apart from the regular dusting and occasional polishing to make it look brand new!

VARIETY: Range of natural Dura-wood available in different Types, Colors, Tones and Textures

VERSATILITY: Dura-wood fits well into all home aesthetics

•New Range of Sheesham Wood Bedroom Set

•Made from DURA-WOOD – Godrej Interio’s exclusive Natural Wood

•Introduced in order to offer more options in Solid Wood to our customers

Goldust is an exciting mix of rustic looks of Sheesham material with contemporary highlight elements for the modern tastes


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