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Gold Testing Machine | Godrej Security Solutions

Updated: Jan 20

Godrej Security Solutions presents the Godrej Gold Testing Machine

Trust Godrej's TrueGold Gold Testing Machine to determine gold purity with the highest accuracy. This machine is designed to give you the composition of the ornament under testing, without damaging the ornament. Whether you are a jeweler, a bank or a financial institution, this machine is the perfect addition to your business.

XRF Technology -X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers

Non-Destructive & Highly accurate means to determine the purity of Gold

XRF is a widely used, proven, and accepted method of determining the purity and fineness of precious metals.

XRF analysis is a multi-element testing alternative that is quicker and less expensive than fire assay and chemical tests.

XRF provides on-the-spot analysis of your Gold ,Silver, platinum, making it an easy way to boost customer confidence and ensure dealer reliability.

Given the current high value of gold, quantifying its fineness and purity is more critical than ever.

Whether you buy gold, sell or produce jewelry, fabricate metal, or recycle scrap metal, you need a fast, highly accurate method to determine karatage (gold content) for quality control and pricing.

Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) is a non-destructive analytical method for qualitative as well as quantitative determination of elements in a sample, independent of their chemical form. In EDXRF technique, all of the elements in the sample are excited simultaneously. The proportional counter tube which is filled with noble gas is used as a detector. The fluorescence radiation is detected by passing through the window and interacting with the gas. Thus a detector output is proportional to the radiation energy which is converted in electric signal. These signals are analysed through software to give accurate metal contents in the sample.


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