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Godrej X Ray Body Scanner

Updated: Mar 17

Godrej Security Solutions presents the Godrej X Ray Body Scanner helpful for detecting :

  1. Narcotics

  2. Small Precious Stones and rare metals

  3. Weapons

  4. Explosives ( Including Liquid )

  5. IEDs

  6. Knives & Blades

  7. Electronic Devices ( Including Mobile Phones )

The Godrej X-ray screening system is designed for effective detection of items hidden

under clothes, on and inside the human body. This system can be used in anti-terrorism

applications, to protect state facilities and at border crossings. The system can be used to

provide access control required for special security zones. It yields high resolution of

detected images due to a minimum dose of irradiation.

The pre-programmed functions of the system can help operator to quickly perform the image

processing to identify hidden objects.

The main advantage of this design are non destructive low dose load, high penetration and

high productivity due to high sensitivity of the detector. The system can be installed at any

place where power supply is provided and is intended for 24/7 operation all-year-round. The

inspection is carried out automatically with images being transmitted to the control computer

The dual energy technology as an option provides automatic color coding of materials

according to their effective atomic numbers.

System can be placed anywhere only power supply is needed and is intended to work twenty

four hours a day all-the-year-round. The inspection is carried out automatically, images are

transmitted to the control computer.

The system consist of:

- steel scanning module that includes dual energy collimated X-ray unit, full body sized line

detector, local X-ray protection for reducing scattered radiation zone. Integrated color light

indicator of system's status: green - ready, yellow - X-ray on, read - error;

- movable belt with steps;

- remote control keyboard with key power on and emergency off button;

- remote control unit based on personal computer with Windows based operation system and

with 21" TFT screen;

- integrated special software for storing and enhancing images including all known filtering;

- laser color printer.

Technical specifications :

Material detectability : Metal, ceramic, plastics, powders, explosives, narcotics etc

Detection area capability : Objects hidden on the body and inside of the body

Scan time, seconds : less than 5

Worming time, seconds : 120

Through-put, persons per hour : 120

Penetration (steel), mm : 22

Wire detectability : 36 AWG (0,12mm)

Technology : Low dose transmission X-ray

Dose per inspection : < 0,25 μSv (<0.025 mRem)*

Image storing ability, number : up to 10 000

Dimensions (L х W х H) : mm 2450 х 1842 х 2470

Width of the tunnel,mm : 720

Operation temperature, : 0C -20 to 70

Operation humidity, % : 10 to 80

Applications :

  1. Airports

  2. Jails & Prisons

  3. Customs

  4. Govt Buildings

  5. Border Crossings

  6. VIP Residences

  7. Military bases

  8. Public Events & Venues

  9. Critical Infrastructure


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