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Godrej UV Disinfection Tunnel

Updated: Mar 17

• Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation

(UVGI) is electromagnetic radiation

that can destroy the ability of

microorganisms to reproduce

• Being widely used for disinfection of


• Germicidal effectiveness peaks at 254

nm with use of Low-pressure UV lamp

Features :

  • Uses short wavelength Ultraviolet light 254 nm

  • Chemical free sanitization process

  • Generates UV dosage more than 20 mJ / sqcm

  • Sanitization time: 15 sec

  • Tested at CSIR for UV Irradiation Levels & No Leakage (ICMR approved laboratory)

Safety Parameters:

• Double layer protective flaps on entry & exit

• Proximity Sensors at entry and exit, ensures UVC light ON only when bag is

inside the tunnel

• Frame outside tunnel

• No UV Leakage


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